Marion Jones

Find the truth hidden behind your favorite athlete.

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Who is Marion Jones?

Marion Jones, a once honored Olympian was the first woman to gain five medals in a single game; three of them gold. Marion appearing on Vogue an piling up cash to become sports first female millionaires. eight years later she was on the headline again sentenced for her to serve six months in jail for lying to the investigators after admitting her golden achievements in Sydney were fueled by Performance Enhancing Drugs.

What happened after

Marion's medals were stripped off and after years of denial she came clean and paid the price. As a naturally gifted athlete Marion did not knowingly choose drugs at first, they just dogged her throughout her career. Even back at her California high school in 1992, the 16-year-old Marion Jones missed an out-of-competition drugs test but escaped punishment at a hearing. Some things Marion said after she confessed was:

"I have no-one to blame but myself for what I've done,"

"Making the wrong choices and bad decisions can be disastrous."

Why did Marion Jones use PED?

Marion Jones took dugs because she was tricked and did not know they were drugs. She thought they were Flazseed oil and arthiritis balm. Marion said "Most people who understand athletes and drug use in competitive sport."