She's Half the Twelfth Man

Lyric and Raven - 5th

Twelfth Night vs. She's the Man

Comedy of Ideas

Viola wanted to prove that she was a good soccer player. So she went in her brother sebatians place, and played on the team against cornwall.

Twelfth Night: Viola wanted to fit in so she posed as her brother

She's the Man !

Comedy of Manners

She's the man:

In the begining of the movie, Viola finds out that ther her couch was cutting the team

Twelfth Night: Mourning the Loss of her brother


She's the Man

In she's the man oliva aka sebastian had tampons in her bag, and duke was wondering why. She told him that it was for nose bleeds.

Twelfth Night:

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit !

Low Comedy

She's the Man:

Everyone now knows how viola posed as her brother

Twelfth Night:

Viola does it to protect herself and also to get love from orsina

The Lord know's that Olivia posed as her brother " Your Master quits, and for your service done him, So much against mettle sex, So far beneath your soft tender breeding"