Freddy the woolly mammoths obituary

By Abby B. T1

The life of the Mammuthus primigenius who was known as the woolly mammoth or Freddy to his friends, ended abruptly ten thousand years ago. Freddy had a rather long pleasant life, which started 25 million years ago, in the tertiary period in the cenozoic era. He was a world traveler, living in Africa, Eurasia and North America. Freddy lived in a very cold snowy climate. Never being fond of meat, Freddy was an herbivore, with his favorite foods being grass, twigs, fruits and nuts. Freddy lived in a herd, and he never got along well with the sabre toothed cat, who hunted his young, or humans, who didn’t care for him.
Freddy the woolly mammoth was a rather large animal, about the size of an elephant, who is his only surviving relative. He had thick hair, that ranged from brown to black to tan to reddish. Freddy had a long trunk, and large tusks that could be up to up to 16 ft long that were used for not only digging and food gathering, but fighting off predators and rivals, and intimidating them as well. The cause of his death is not known, but possible causes are disease, humans, climate change, or sudden meteorite or comet impact.
Woolly Mammoth: Secrets From Ice - Documentary


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Freddy's Funeral

Saturday, Jan. 3rd 2015 at 2pm

The last ice age plaza