What Are You Doing In My Swamp!

Students put on Amazing Musical on the 27th and 28th

In The Morning I am Making Waffles!

This week at Dr Morris Gibson School grades 2-6 are performing a musical called Shrek the Musical JR. This musical brings in the performing arts side of the school. The choir has put in many hours to learn songs and some of the choir kids have decided to let themselves shine by auditioning for a lead part in the show! These shows will be held on wednesday 27th and thursday 28. Tickets cost $5, if you would like to buy a ticket they are on sale in the main office. The money that will be raised will help by more instruments for the kids to learn in music class

Who Made It All Happen?

As Scott Flintoft once said “ this is going to be the best show”! We have interviewed a few people including the incredible once a Dj and now a light coordinator Mr Fintoft. Bonnie Kench and Kevin Newman have worked so hard to put this musical together so the kids could have fun and learn what the advantage is of being on the stage. “ The stage is such a good environment for the kids because they can learn to let their talent shine while they sing,dance and perform the fun musical Shrek JR.

What Are They Working For?

The tickets for the musical are $5 as the performances are on wednesday the 27th and Thursday the 28th. The students, teachers and choir has worked so hard and they are all hoping to get some new instruments for their music room.

Shrek JR, The Musical

Thursday, April 28th, 6:30pm

147 Crystal Ridge Drive

Okotoks, AB

We are happy to announce that the school is putting on another wonderful musical!