Pioneer News - Open house

By: Tyler Shen

Our first project

Our very first major project was to design and build a new house for Tony Stark. The house had to be in a place where earthquakes happened little. The house itself had to be earthquake resistant so it wouldnt collapse. My group had an idea od a great house that had popsicle stick walls, clay and plastic straw roof, and string with toothpick supports. We did the shake table multuple times and tried to improve the house, and finally accomplished shaking the house without it falling.

30 Hands Project

The 30 hands project was on the atmosphere. We had ro make a slideshow about the atmosphere and what was wrong with it. For example, since we polluted the atmosphere so much we had to find the ways we polluted the air. We also had to find natural causes of pollution. We created pic collages to fit in words and pictures.

Invention convention

For the invention convention, we had to use renuable recources to create somthing. My team had an idea to make a wind powered car. We used tinfoil, construction paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles to make it. We put a propeller in the front of the car so when it moves it will generate energy. It uses wind to turn a turbine which makes electricity.