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Students new to Northside ISD can now enroll online using NISD Powerschool Registration. You can enroll your child if you plan on starting in Northside in August, you can pre-enroll your student by clicking the link below.

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Northside ISD offers a 24/7 safe and anonymous way for students, parents and the community to report potential incidents. You can phone or text the Safeline if you need to report any unsafe situations such as bullying, suspicious activity, or if you believe someone could be in danger. The Safeline is manned by the Northside Police Department.

210-397-SAFE and

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5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Healthy and Happy This Summer

With summer at hand you'll find that your child has some extra time to sleep in but possibly some extra time by themselves! According, to Mike Hannan, the director of Clarity Child Guidance Center, here are some ways you can help make sure your child is having a safe and happy summer this year.

1. Encourage them to try something new- Encourage your child to participate in a camp, club, or volunteer somewhere.

2. Support their efforts to earn money- Help them find ways to earn their own money and be independent.

3. Stay involved-Ask questions and engage in conversation with your child as well as get to know the people they hang out with.

4. Don't neglect their mental health-If you see signs of distress in your child, don't ignore it. Seek help from your child's physician.

5. Say "Yes"-It's okay to bend the rules every once in a while to allow some fun for yourself and your child.

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Attention future 8th grade parents!

Beginning next year, ALL 8th grade students will be registered for a high school credit class! Each student will be required to take Communication Applications as well as MAPS. This is an opportunity for 8th grade students to earn high school credit while in middle school. In addition to this change, their ELA class will only be 45 minutes instead of the block class they took in 6th and 7th grade.

The Communication Application class will satisfy the NISD speech requirement for high school graduation. Students will identify, analyze, and develop communication skills needed for professional and social success in interpersonal and group situations.

The MAPS course, Methodology for Academic and Personal Success, will serve as an elective requirement. It is designed to support a successful transition into high school by developing the skills necessary for a successful academic career.


In order to receive credit in any high school course, the student MUST meet both an academic standard and the state attendance requirements. This means that if your student misses more than 18 days during the school year, absences will be considered excessive and will result in denial of credit. Students can be denied credit based on absences even if the student is receiving a passing grade for the course.

Attendance recovery will be offered for students who need to make up excessive absences. Students must attend Attendance Recovery for both excused and unexcused absences which exceed the legal limit.

If you have any questions about these courses, please contact your child's counselor.


Ms. Davis- A-Garc and Head Counselor, 210-397-5725

Mr. Herrera- Gard-Oq, 210-397-5726

Mrs. Haby-Or-Z, 210-397-5728

Please use the link provided if you would like to refer your child for counseling!