"Three Blind Mice"

A Tale of Three Tails

The True Story

There once was a family of three blind mice who lived a pleasant, happy life in a flourishing field. One day they met the owners of the field Farmer Joe and his wife. All was well, at least it seemed, for a few days, but then something changed. The farmer’s wife went crazy and chased the helpless mice with a knife, leading to a tail cutting. Immediately, the mice scurried to the police and reported the incident. For this, the farmer’s wife was arrested. Her bail was a grand one for committing such a felony. How dare she attempt to harm such innocent creatures! Based on the evidence of three missing tail pieces, the grand jury quickly indicted the woman of being guilty. Being represented by a public defender due to her lack of money, the woman tried her hardest to get a plea bargain at the arraignment, but despite her attorney’s efforts, the prosecution would not let up on the conviction. She would have to go to court as a defendant and hope that the witness would get her off. Not being able to ignore the subpoena, the dog appeared before the court. Completely terrified of his former owner and what she would do him for telling the truth, the dog lied in spite of being under oath and created a new story of the events that took place on that dreadful day. Because of this, he was accused of perjury and sent to the pound where he would spend the next three months of his life. Now, everyone knew she had to be guilty, but they still had to follow through with the original process. The judge rapidly instructed the petit jury on what law was being violated and they left the room to negotiate the verdict. In a total of ten short minutes, the jury came back with a unanimous vote declaring the farmer’s wife to be guilty. She was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison along with a stripping of her rights to be around animals. Though she knew she had the right to appeal the decision, she knew she would lose. Plus, she always sort of hated animals and this was the perfect way out! Who knew a crime could be so great?

The End


The pictures are from Google and the music video is from YouTube.