Sad but true there are many there are many people who are not noticed that should be they are called invisible

Homless Childern

Sadly but true there are many homeless americans children today. In the article Many homeless children need help, but it is hard to find them (NewsEla story) they state "2.5 million children are homeless.." this is terrible and they are invisible lots of them are not getting help. Since they are invisible their number has doubled since 2010. Obama said by 2020 there will be no homeless adult due to there being more homeless children than homeless adults.(By, adapted by Newsela staff). The average age for a child to become homeless is around 6 years old (By, adapted by Newsela staff). This mean that these children are invisible there are only a few organisation to help and at this point it is a definition of invisibility in the United states. What people can do is start new organizations to help the homeless children, or at least donate to an organizations.


In the story The Circuit a Mexican family is forced to jump to farm to farm every time they food seasons is over. The kids in the story are forced to move school to school and only one kid is allowed to go to school at a time, The sad part is that most people don't even notice this pattern. In the article it said that one of the kids (the narrator) like one of the other workers but didn’t know his name(The Circuit). This showed that they didn’t speak to each other that much and where sort of invisible to their own workers. The definition of being invisible from was “the unseen..” and that is exaticly what this poor family is due to the fact that they are always moving. There are not many things we can do for people like this but the most we can do is raise awareness.

Skylar Grey - Invisible

In the song Invisible (by Skylar Grey - Invisible) she shows feeling invisible or unseen through it’s lyrics. In the song, she talks about how she feels that she is invisible. She wants everyone to notice and accept her. In the video she says that she tries to fit in and goes completely unnoticed by everyone around her. In the video she says “I take pills to make me thin, I dye my hair and I cut my skin…”(by Skylar Grey - Invisible) She wants people to notice her so bad she changes her appearance and harms herself just to get attention. Later on in the song she says “Even when I set myself on fire…”(by Skylar Grey - Invisible) This really shows how badly she wants to be noticed. What we can do to help this problem is not just past a person not caring about them when they're trying to get your attention and also be nice to people.

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