Gender Equality

What is Feminism?

What is feminism?

Many people do not understand what feminism really is. To sum it up, Feminism is basically the movement for economic, political, and social gender equality. Many countries have a gender equality guarentee in their constitution, but the United States doesn't. This meaning that in many countries, men and women are treated equally, except for the U.S.

My questions

The big question I had was "how did gender inequality, not treating men and women equally, all begin?

Gender inequality began a long time ago. This was because men did more of the hard work, while women washed clothing or took care of their children. Because of this, men seemed more dominant.

I also wondered what were/are the things that women can't, or could not do.

I found that women in some countries do not get the same protection, education, voting rights, custody rights, and pursuing careers as men do. In some countires, women also did/do not have the right to own their own property.