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How a vacancy is handled by a recruitment agency?

Although most of the people general small businessman and contractors want to hire a professional staffing company they are not much aware of how recruitment industry operates. It may sound harmless but sometimes not knowing how our recruiter works can harm you in long term. This article specifically discusses how a vacancy is handled at an employment agency.First of all you need to understand that not all vacancies are treated in the same way because easy to fill vacancies don’t require any special attention. Below practice is however followed by most of recruitment agencies for most of the vacancies.

Step 1

There are two types of professional in a staffing company a consultant and a resourcer. The consultant deals with the clients i.e. employers and the resourcer deals with the job seekers i.e. candidates. So when any employment company is notified about a vacancy the first thing it does is to send its consultant to discuss the vacancy in detail. The consultant then discusses the requirement with a resourcer. They generally work in pairs so communication between them is seamless. The resourcer checks agency’s database to find someone matching client’s requirements.

Step 2

If a suitable candidate is found then the resourcer will get in touch with him. If he is currently employed elsewhere then he will ask if he is interested in the new vacancy. If the candidate is available then resourcer will start going through his resume.

Step 3

The candidates who are registered with the staffing agency and those who were recently in touch are contacted first, simply because calling everyone from the list will consume precious time resulting in considerable delay. This step has become a lot easier since the invention of computers. Depending on the client’s requirements telephonic or personal interview will be set up and the selection process begins.

Step 4

This step can be called Step 3B since it taken only if none of the candidates is found suitable for the vacancy. In that case your recruitment agency will contact the dormant candidates. These are the candidates that satisfy client’s requirements but haven’t contacted the agency for some time. Secondly advertisement is displayed on company’s website and to a bigger online job portal. Most of the online job portals charge for posting advertises so small staffing company in Miami with limited resources will not look wide and far.

Step 5

If a candidate is successfully selected through step 3 and 4 then he will go through final selection round where he will meet his employer. The payment terms, employment contract and entire paperwork is handled by the staffing agency. When the candidate fills the vacancy at the client, the agency receives their fee, either as a percentage of the hourly rate of the candidate in the case of contract work, or as a flat fee which could be based on a percentage of the annual pay the position for a full time member of staff.
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