March Newsletter

Written by the Students in 4Sp

Community Corner

In class every day we have morning meeting. We talk about what will happen that day and what will happen that week. We have a greeting and we just added a new book review talk were kids talk about their books to put in their passports. After that, we play a game. We usually play speed ball, frog detective, four corners, eraser tag or something else. They are all very fun! We just started Poetry Madness. We drew top seeded times in the NCAA Tournament out of a basket. We have to research that team or their mascot and write an acrostic poem about them when our team loses and is out of the tournament. We have two school days after they lose to complete the poem. Morning Meeting is very fun. It is also exciting.

-Ethan & Carson

Counselor Chat

This year we had a counselor chat. In our counselor chat we talked about online safety. We learned that you do not chat online with someone you don’t know. Also we learned that it is very bad for you to spread information about you or someone else. We also learned that you should NEVER share your password with anyone, and even your best friend. We learned that if someone post something inappropriate picture you are supposed to tell an adult.

-Frances & Maddie


In spelling we have been learning about prefixes.The prefixes are im as in immigration un as in unacceptable re as redo il as in illumination mis as in misbehave dis as disrespectful in as in interpret and non as in nontoxic. All of the prefixes mean not accept for re which means do again xes mean not accept for re witch means do again. In spelling we made prefix flowers we’d pick a prefix or prefixes and on each petal there was a word with that prefix and a short definition of the word and color it.To make it look springy for Spring.

-Reagan & Joseph

Nonfiction Reading

In non-fiction reading we learned about captions, cutaways, graphs & charts,sub-headings,subtitles,etc. Captions are underneath the picture and are words that tell about the picture.Cut-aways are enhanced photos on a single picture.Graphs and charts are pretty much the same thing,they show us the amount of something or what something did or does. Sub-headings are titles for each subject. Subtitles are miny titles for titles that are underneath the real title

that tell about the title.

-Trent, Harry

Persuasive Essays

In Mrs.Sprang’s class you had to make a paragraph to persuade some of your classmates to agree with you. I (Greta) tried to persuade people who are allergic to a big variety of a pet get a toy pet. and Eva tried to persuade people to get a iphone.

-Eva & Greta

Comparing Fractions

In math this month our class has been working on equivalent fractions . Mrs. Sprang taught us about many ways we could make equivalent fractions. one of them is The ‘’big 1.’’ The big one is a when you put a one in the middle of the 2 fractions you are comparing. We call it the big 1 because when you multiply a number by 1 it’s value stays the same. Another way you can find equivalent fractions is the number line. The number line is kind of like a time line but instead of using dates, you use fractions. The fraction tile is a lot of our class’s favorite method. Fraction tiles are a piece of paper that has every fraction 1 to 1/12.

There is also a method called the butterfly the butterfly is where you compare 2 fractions.

-Ella & Rylee


March has been a exciting month in math. Mrs.Sprang’s math class has been multiplying, adding, and subtracting fractions. When you add fractions, you keep the denominator the same, and add the numerator. For example, 4/7 + 2/7 = 6/7. See, its that easy! When you subtract fractions, you just subtract the numerator like this… 4/10 - 2/10 = 2/10. In simplest form for that is ⅕! When you multiply fractions you multiply a whole number by a fraction. Like if you had 3 * ¾ =9/4. Simplest form for that is 2 ¼. Simplest form is when you simplify the fraction to its simplest form like 2/4 is ½.

- Mia & Sydney

Social Studies

We just finished learning about the Ohio state government and its three branches we got a test on it and we all did very well on the test.

In social studies we are learning about inventors in Ohio like the Wright brothers. We had to print out pages and learn about the people who we are studying we are now drawing what our inventor looked like it was fun because you got to be traced everybody looked funny we are coloring it in right now we are coloring in our in our inventors. We are working with partners to do this. assignment. This is our last social studies assignment. Next week we are switching into science because we are in 4th quarter we did science in 1st so we are doing it in 4th quarter.

-Josh & Noor

Map Testing

Map testing is when you take a test about either about math or reading. I thought math was the most fun. In our class we got computers-- we are one of the lucky ones.

Math Map Testing:

Math map testing wasn't that hard or that easy. Everyone got a different amount of question. And we all did many different questions. Some people had easy ones, and some people had had ones. There were a lot of word problems. Some rounding problems, and also there were adding, multiplying, dividing, and subtraction number models that we had to solve! I, personally liked dividing because we have studied it a lot this year. Map testing was fun, yet sometimes we get tired of it.

Reading Map Testing:

In the reading map test we did a lot of comparing, contrasting problem, and solution. We think it is important to know what you are reading because if you are reading a book and you don't know what you are reading, you wont know anything about it. We do a lot of things in reading like how to figure out what you are reading. We are studying problem and solution, and compare, and contrast and a lot more:D

-CeCe and Maddie


We are doing many many things in specials, like in P.E., music, art, spanish, technology, and library.

In P.E. we’re running laps in the beginning, warm-ups in the middle, and a game at the end, so, it’s pretty much the same as always, but we trying lots of new games.

In technology we’re making persuasive posters, such as: DON'T LITTER, or, STEROIDS ARE BAD. We are working in teams of 2, and using Microsoft Outlook to create the posters.

In art we are doing Monet(sounds like Monay) painting with lilly pads, and we did 2 test’s in the last week.

In library we’re learning about different resources, such as dictionaries, atlases, and almanacs. We have done different tests, finding our answers within these resources. These tests are made to teach us how to use these resources.

In music we are doing RECORDER KARATE its cool, we also just did Talent Day I love Talent Day.

In Spanish we’re making posters about eating healthy, and once we finish them, they’re going to be put out in the halls to teach people to eat healthy. And its in Spanish!

-Dylan & Isaac

OLSAT Testing

Tuesday, April 8th, 9am

6100 Drake Rd

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, April 10th, 4:30pm to Friday, April 11th, 12pm

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Grade Level Assembly

Thursday, April 10th, 10:45am

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The assembly will be in the Multi-Purpose Room

Spring Pictures

Wednesday, April 23rd, 9pm

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Conquer the Hill 5K Run

Saturday, April 26th, 9am

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