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Hair ReVital X Review - Does This Hair-Loss Solution Really Work?

If you’re a man or woman dealing with hair loss, I can definitely relate to the unhappy emotions you are probably experiencing right now.

Let’s face it - nobody wants to go bald. If you are a guy, best case scenario you have a nicely shaped head and you can pull off the look and just shave it, but for most of us this is not an option, and for women this is definitely not an option!

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It’s a scary thing to be facing, but the good news is that there are actually some natural solutions out there that have been shown to be pretty effective, which brings us to Zenith Labs hair-loss solution supplement “Hair ReVital X”…

I’ve been looking into various options for addressing my own hair loss for a while now and I’ve got to say that unfortunately there are a lot of really ineffective products on the market. That said, based on the amazing testimonials I had heard from people using Hair ReVital X (you can read about some of these results here…) I decided to take a look at Hair ReVital X and try not to be too skeptical.

Apparently people are seeing their hair start growing back very quickly after getting started using this product, and it’s from Zenith Labs which if you aren’t familiar with them is a very reputable high-end supplement company. The ingredients in Hair ReVital X have been tested very extensively and personally I found the science behind how it works extremely interesting…

Basic Information On Hair ReVital X

As I mentioned, when it comes to supplements for treating hair loss, there is really a ton of garbage out there on the market these days! And don’t get me started about that shampoo, not only is it in many cases completely ineffective, but it smells horrifying, and it can also have some pretty rough side effects!

The great thing about Hair ReVital X is that its all natural, and was designed using ingredients that have been shown to work in numerous clinical research studies that are all linked to here.

Another thing that I found interesting is that that the Hair ReVital X system includes both an oral supplement and topical supplement that you spray on and rub into your scalp.

If you look into the science behind how this product works, which I will also discuss a bit below, it basically helps to inhibit a hormone (DHT) that stops your hair follicles from growing new hairs to replace the ones that fall out naturally. The fact that this hormone inhibiting formula is being delivered from both the inside and outside apparently allows it to work much more effectively.

Hair ReVital X was created by Dr. Ryan Shelton from Zenith Labs, a company that really I can’t say enough good things about in terms of the lengths they go to to produce high quality, pure, and potent supplements. All the supplements I recommend are from FDA approved, GMP compliant labs, but Zenith takes things quite a few steps beyond this which as somebody who cares about what I put in my body, means a lot to me.

How Hair ReVital X Works:

Probablty the most exciting ingredient in Dr Shelton's formula is Saw Palmetto - which is referred to as the “Seminole’s Razor Grass Remedy” on the Hair ReVital X website. This plant which is related to the palm tree, has been shown to work as a “DHT-inhibitor” by reducing your levels of DHT, before they can cause your follicles to stop growing hair and in effect turn your “hair growth cycle” back on.

Numerous studies, show that after a few months of using Saw Palmetto patients experience increased hair growth, shrinking bald spots and greater satisfaction with the fullness of their hair.

In addition to Saw Palmetto the oral and topical supplements both include scientifically-backed, doctor-formulated ingredient blends, to help support healthy DHT levels, help extend follicles in the “growth” stage, help keep hair cells nourished and hydrated to improve hair quality. The topical spray also contains an additional “deep absorption blend” designed to help the active ingredients penetrate down deep into your scalp to optimize results.

Hair ReVital X Ingredients:

Hair ReVital X Pros & Cons:

PRO - PROVEN RESULTS. As I mentioned, Saw Palmetto, as well as the other ingredients in Hair ReVital X have been studied for many years and have been shown to deliver very significant results. Additionally, Hair ReVital X has received numerous glowing testimonials from people who are regrowing their hair naturally using this supplement.

PRO - SAFE, NATURAL, PURE. Zenith Labs is known as an industry leader for delivering exceptionally high quality natural supplements. They have over half a million customers world-wide and employ almost excessive measures to ensure the purity of their products.

PRO - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. To further ensure your satisfaction with this product the company offers a full 60 day money back guarantee that is available for any reason with no questions asked.

CON - NOT WIDELY AVAILABLE. Hair ReVital X Is NOT AVAILABLE on Amazon, GNC or in any stores. And there are fake knock off products currently online.

Real, genuine Hair ReVital X is only available through the official website here.

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