Beveridge Community Newsletter

Week of May 24th

No Backpacks at Beveridge This Week

Students will not be permitted to bring backpacks the last week of school. Students shouldn't have any textbooks at this time. Girls may bring a small purse if needed. Students may bring their binder to hold their iPad and charger, or they may leave their iPad and charger with a teacher at school. Thank you for your support.

Greeting from Mrs. Molina

We are in the last week of school. There are three main events that are upcoming where Full Remote Students will not need to attend class. All Full Remote students are invited to attend all events that are appropriate for their grade level.

8th Grade Honors Ceremony:

9:30 AM

The 8th Grade Honors Ceremony will be recorded and will be sent to the parents of 8th grade students via email, they will not be livestreamed. More information about the 8th Grade Honors events is in this newsletter. All Remote Students are invited to attend in person. There will be no remote learning sessions between 8:50 and 11:10 AM due to the events.

8th Grade Social:

On Tuesday, May 25th at 2:00 PM, all 8th grade students will attend an 8th grade Social. Mr. Aliano, Beveridge Dean of Students will be our DJ for this event. Our cafeteria and our courtyard will be used for the event. All Remote Students are invited to attend in person. There will be no 8th grade Remote Learning sessions during this time.

Field Day for All Grade Levels:

All students will participate in Field Day on Wednesday, May 26th. All Remote Students are invited to attend in person. During each grade level's Field Day Event, there will be no remote learning sessions as all students and teachers will be attending Field Day. Field day will be cancelled due to rain or the field being too wet to utilize.

Time on Track

Field Day Attendees

8:00-9:15: 7th Grade Students

9:45-11:00: 6th Grade Students

11:00 - 1:40: Lunch Time

1:40-2:55: 8th Grade Students

Students who are out of school due to Out of School Suspension will not be able to attend school on either day and will not be able to participate in any event.

If you have any questions regarding any of the events, please contact your student's teacher or grade level counselor.

6th Grade Counselor: Mr. Dustin Rothe

7th Grade Counselor: Ms. Ellen Thompson

8th Grade Counselor: Ms. Jennifer Buelt

Have a great week!


Tiffany Molina


Newsletter Contents

1. Schedule for the week and activities and events after school

2. 8th Grade Honors Day Information

3. Field Day Information

4. Important IPAD updates

5. Immunization information from our nurse

6. Drama Performance Summary

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

8th Grade Honors Day Information

8th Grade Honors Day Information

On Tuesday, May 25, we will hold an honors day to recognize our 8th grade students, as they are moving on from Beveridge next year. We would like all of our 8th Grade Remote Learning Students to attend school on May 25th, if possible.

On May 25, all 8th grade students will attend a ceremony honoring them from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. This event will be recorded and sent out to parents, as we still cannot allow for parents and community members to enter the building. If your child does not have the ability to be recorded, that is absolutely noted and will be honored. Please know that there will be no 8th grade Remote Learning Sessions taking place from 8:50 - 11:10 AM.

As part of the Honors Ceremony all students are being recognized. Each will receive a folder with a list of accomplishments, activities and awards received during the school year. We are including a few special awards that will be announced at the celebration.

Students are asked to dress formal/semi-formal for this event. All clothing should be school appropriate for this event - no jeans, shorts, spaghetti straps, no half shirts, shoulder straps should be 1 1/2 to 2 inches in width, and no flip flops. We want to make this a memorable event for you and your child.

During the afternoon of this day, we will hold a celebration for 8th grade students on the patio of our school and in the cafeteria. Remote students are welcome and we encourage them to join us for this day.

Schedule for week of May 24, 2021

Please remember, no backpacks this week.

Mon., May 24th: A Day (Odd Classes 1-3-5-7)
  • No afterschool Activities

Tuesday, May 25th: B Day (Even Classes 2-4-6-8)
  • 8th Grade Honors Celebration: 9:30 AM
  • 8th Grade Social Celebration: 2:00 - 3:00 PM
  • No Afterschool Activities

Wednesday, May 26th: A Day - The Last Day of School
  • Field Day
  • Each grade level will have their own designated time for field day
  • No Afterschool activities

Important iPad Updates from OPS

We are pleased to announce that all students who plan to return to Omaha Public Schools next school year may keep their district-provided iPad, with 4G LTE connectivity, through the summer. This will allow students access to valuable summer learning materials, scholastic resources and district-approved learning apps through our 1:1 Technology Initiative. Please find important details below regarding this opportunity.

  • If a student keeps their iPad for the summer, they are required to bring back the device and all accessories when school resumes in August 2021. If a student transfers to a new school within Omaha Public Schools, they will take their device to the new school.

  • If a parent or guardian does not want their child to have a district-provided device over the summer, or if a student plans to leave our district, they must return it to their school office by May 26, 2021.

  • If a family leaves our district during the summer, devices must be returned to the TAC building at 3215 Cuming Street. Additionally, please visit our Common Sense Media page for educational resources on digital citizenship, internet safety, media balance and more.

It is important to note that Omaha Public Schools Parent/Guardian Technology Use Responsibilities agreement, signed when iPads were distributed, will remain in place through summer 2021 and our Student Code of Conduct must be followed. All students must have a signed agreement on file with their school in order to keep their device for the summer. Additionally, please visit our Common Sense Media page for educational resources on digital citizenship, internet safety, media balance and more.

If a student’s iPad or any accessories are broken or misplaced during the summer, please contact the school they attended during the 2020-21 school year to report it. If you have questions during the summer, additional support will be available by emailing or by calling 531-299-8765. If you have questions about your student’s device before the end of this school year, please contact your school directly.

We appreciate your continued partnership and support as we work together to serve the students of Omaha Public Schools.

Beveridge Drama Department Performed on Friday and Saturday

The Internet Is Distract - OH Look a Kitten! by Ian McWethy

The Beveridge Drama Department had two performances over the weekend, they both were a huge success!! Way to go students and Mr. Schik.

The Virtual Curtain closed on the Beveridge Drama Season Saturday with the final show of “The Internet is Distract---Oh Look A Kitten!” This Comedy provided a much-needed artistic and dramatic outlet as well as laughs and more for so many of our talented Beveridge Students.

Using the technology premise of the show really inspired a flurry of creative ideas from students both onstage and off and it allowed the Drama Department to showcase a multiple of talents from performing to digital art to costume design to video editing and so much more. This creative showcase could not have happened without the incredible leadership and talents from our 8th Graders. These students have weathered so many challenges the last two years, but really gave their all to this show and to the Drama Program. They ended on such an entertaining and funny note and deserve a plethora of accolades and so much more. Take your well-deserved bows 8th Graders and we will SEE YOU LATER!

Field Day Information - Wednesday, May 26th

Field Day Information

On the last day of school, Wednesday, May 26, we will be having an outdoor field day on the track for students! This will be split by grade level and will happen at different times during the day. We want to do something fun for students that also follows COVID safety protocols. For this reason, if the weather does not permit outdoor field day, we will have to cancel. We want to invite all remote students to join us for this field day, if they would like to! Due to all teachers participating with students during Field Day, there will be no remote instruction during the time listed for your student's grade level.

The grade level field days are as follows:

7th grade field day: 8:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

6th grade field day: 9:45 a.m - 11:00 a.m.

8th grade field day: 1:40 p.m. - 2:55 p.m.

We are looking forward to fun outdoor activities with our students on this last day of school to celebrate their efforts this year!

Tdap Immunization Information From the Nurse

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of current 6th grade students,

In preparation for your student's 7th grade school year, your student will be bringing home a packet of Health Information. Several documents are required for incoming 7th grade students.

-Copy of current immunization record (including date of required Tdap vaccine)

-Copy of physical exam (if plans to join a sport's team, must have a sport's physical with clearance for participation)

-Concussion form and Insurance Information if participating in a sport

-Asthma/Allergy Action Plan if applicable

-Healthcare provider order for any medication to be given at school (includes prescription and OTC), if applicable

-Other emergency care plan or procedure plans, such as Seizure Care Plan, if applicable

-Note from dental provider with the date of last dental exam

Physicals must be done after March 1, 2021, to be accepted for the 21-22 school year.

Return all copies of health information to the Health Office prior to the start of the 21-22 school year, OR, have your provider fax the information, ATTN: School Nurse at (531) 299-2298.

Beveridge Magnet Middle School

Beveridge is a 6th - 8th Magnet School with an emphasis on the Performing Arts and Global Studies.

Beveridge Mission:

To provide a safe and secure educational environment that fosters student achievement and growth in academic skills and in social emotional maturity.

School Hours: 7:15 - 3:15 PM

School starts for students in 1st Period which starts at 7:40 AM

Student Dismissal is at 3:05 PM

To report a student absence: 531-299-2280

Principal: Mrs. Tiffany Molina

Assistant Principal/Data Processer: Ms. Michaela Jackson

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director: Mr. Chad Wachholtz

Dean of Students: Mr. Anthony Aliano