What I Would Like To Be

I would like to be a Technology Engineer.

Branch Of Science

The branch of science that my career is in is physics. I think that It belongs here because physics is like the way you do things like the word physical. Say if you were a builder that would be physical.

Education Path

You need a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5. This major is about designing a product for the near future. It also has making things in groups for collaboration. I would like to do this because technology interests me very much. The classes could be electronics cooperative education. some of the college classes could be, Electrical, Electronics and communications engineering.

Traing Schools and College

The college that I would like to attend would be University of Illinois at Urbana. it is a university. the school is located 30 minutes from Chicago's city center. It is rural-urban. It is a public school. I chose this school because it is located right out of Chicago. I also picked it because it includes all of the classes I need and has all the sports. it is a 4 year college. 20 to 1. The class sizes are about 20 to 25 kids.


The GPA would be 3.0 to 3.5. The ACT and SAT depends on which classes that you would take.

About The Job

Electronic engineers are the people that make things like are cell phones, iPads, computers etc. They also work on testing new buildings. They usually work in a office or a lab. Also they work 40 hours a week and drive around to the places were things need to be installed.


There are only two jobs that include these things. It is call Foth and Van Dyke and Plastic Ingenuity. It would be hard to get a job in Wisconsin but a lot easier to find one in a different state.


The salary ranges are, Wisconsin range: 57, 370 National: 57, 860.


There are only two jobs in Wisconsin and they are called, Foth and Van dyke, GB, WI and Plastic Ingenuity, inc. Cross Plains, WI


I could defiantly see myself doing this because I am into technology so much. Some of the reasons that I could see myself doing this is because I really like technology and I am almost always using it on my free time. Even when I'm bored I am almost always on my phone. I also think that i would like this job is because me and my family are so technological. My brother was able to put a computer together by himself when he was my age and i just love technology.

Pros: It involves technology, You get to work on and build new things. Cons: None.


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