Personality Type: True Colors Blue

by Callie Merkel

Over View Of My Color

Our class took a quiz to see which personality traits fit us best. When it talks about my color being you kids it says I like encouragement more than competition. Which to me was kinda true because im awkward in my opinion and don't like being in competitions because everyone's watching you. For my color in relations ships It basically says I like the little cute things in a relation ship and am a hopeless romantic. This is pretty true because I love the little things in life and appreciate them. The work related things are very true because I defiantly like to be a leader if im in a group project. When I have a bad day I tend to do a lot of the blue color things such as cry, yelling & screaming, and day dreaming. I think my color is very much like me and describes my characteristics very accurately because for instance when people make me mad and im already having a bad day I normally cry and In science I love to be the leader of the group project.
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Thoughts About My Colors

Thoughts About My Colors

My color was blue which is know to be peaceful, flexible, and Imaginative. I think im a very peaceful person because I hate when people argue or I tend to always talk in a calm voice. I can relate to the flexible part because I am pretty laid back and nice to most people. I defiantly have an imagination when it comes to art or when I was little and could play out side for hours just by using my imagination. There were other characteristics that didn't fit me so well such as spiritual, Idealistic, and compassionate. I don't think im spiritual because I think spiritual refers to like hippies and people like that and im defiantly not a hippie. I don't think im a idealistic person sense people that are idealistic aim to be perfect and have everything there doing be perfect I am not a perfectionists at all. A compassionate person cares about other a lot and are there for everyone but I only care about my couple friends and family so I don't know if I consider myself compassionate. I can defiantly relate to working with others in professions because when im older if I don't go in the air force I would like to be a therapists. I would love to help people because I know sometimes people have no one to talk to and id be willing to listen and give advice but also it might not be a great idea to be a therapists because I might get overwhelmed with everyone's problem and constantly be stressed.