Poinsettia Fundraiser

Poinsettia Fundraiser due by Monday, November 30th

Our poinsettia fundraiser is up and running and we could not be more excited about this opportunity. All forms need to be turned in by end of lunch on Monday, November 30th. Feel free to forward, share or include families and friends in this opportunity. Penrod's Greenhouse in Kearney, Missouri is helping us out with this fundraiser and they look beautiful. Get a jump on Black Friday and order today!

Online Poinsettia form

Feel free to forward the following link to family, friends, and others that may be interested in supporting our eagles.


Printable Poinsettia Paper form

Join us for our first poinsettia fundraiser from Penrod’s. All funds will go to the PTSA which supports student field trips, enrichment activities and staff appreciation. Orders will be accepted through November 30th.

Please make checks payable to SVMS PTSA and send them in in a sealed envelope.

Pick up will be Friday, December 4th at South Valley.

Poinsettia choices are white in 4 inches for $7.00 and 10 inches for $22 and red in 4 inches for $7.00 and 10 inches for $22.

Full name:_________________________________________

Email address:_________________________________

Contact number:________________________________

Student buying from:____________________________


White 4 inch ($7), quantity __________________

White 10 inch ($22), quantity ________________

Red 4 inch ($7), quantity ____________________

Red 10 inch ($22), quantity __________________