Martin De leon

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were was martin de leon?

Martin De leon was born in Texas,1765 in burgos

Bernardo and María Galván De León, settled after moving from Burgos, Spain. The De Leóns were an aristocratic family of great wealth; members were educated in Madrid, Paris, and London and were acquainted with European rulers.

Martin De leon information

Martin De leon 1765-1833

Martín De León, the only Mexican empresarioto found a colony in Texas, was born in 1765 in Burgos, Nuevo Santander

Helped Texas?? San Antonio

In 1807 De León petitioned the Spanish governor at San Antonio, Manuel María de Salcedo, to establish a colony in this vicinity. The government, however, denied this request as well as a second one in 1809, as a result of rising political troubles in Mexico and rumors that the De Leóns were not loyal to Spain. De León then established a new ranch on the east bank of the Nueces River near the site of present San Patricio, where he enclosed another pasture.

Interesting facts

De León stood six feet tall and was skilled as a horseman and Indian fighter; Indians called him "Capitán Vacas Muchas" ("Captain Plenty of Cows") since he often placated raiding parties by feeding them beef.
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