The One and Only Posideon

By: Brian B, Avery H, and Lauren S.

Poseidon vs. Athena

Poseidon is the God of the waters. He is a very powerful and courageous god which is why he is one of the big three. Him and his brothers Zeus and Hades are the other two who make up the big three. So Poseidon thought of himself as the best god and most powerful out of all of them, except for Zeus because he is the King of the Gods. This is why Poseidon thought that he was the most honorable god of Attica, but one day Poseidon heard that Athena, the goddess of knowledge and strategy, said that she was the most honorable god of Attica. So both of them met up at Attica and went to the King of Attica and asked him and the people to tell who was the most honorary god of Attica. The people knew the gods would punish them for not picking them so Athena came up with an idea of a contest where they would both give do an act to the city and which ever one was better would be the claimed god of Attica. Poseidon went first, he jabbed his trident on the ground and then making a well and water filled it quickly, but which turned out to be salt water which was not that useful to the city. Then it was Athena’s turn, she backed up and then stuck her staff into the ground creating a hole which she put a seed into and then tapped it with her staff. A tree sprouted from the ground and grew into a beautiful olive which signified peace and prosperity on earth. The King stepped back to look at the two acts to his city to look at them both. One that would bring his city water and one that would bring it luscious fruit and beauty. He pronounced Athena as the better act to his city and the better respected god. So Poseidon slowly vanished back to his home at the bottom of the sea and Attica was renamed Athens after Athena. The moral of this story is to give and receive like Athena did when she gave the better gift she got the better claim.

Interview with poseidon

The inside scoop

Interviewer: Hi, we’re back here with Poseidon at his house on the ocean floor. So Poseidon how are you doing nowadays.

Poseidon: I’m fine Brian, but thank you for asking. I haven’t been that mad lately so there aren’t as much earthquakes.

Interviewer: Oh that is good Poseidon! Can you tell the viewers about how control earthquakes?

Poseidon: Oh, sure. Well when I am angry or frustrated about something I through my trident at the ground and it shakes the ground so much that up on land the ground shakes too which is called an earthquake.

Interviewer: Have you and the other gods gone to Mount Olympus lately?

Poseidon: No, there hasn’t much of anything to go up there and discuss about and I’m glad about it too because I don’t have to see Athena.

Interviewer: Why don’t you like Athena Poseidon?

Poseidon: Since I lost the competition to her for who would rule Attics now we are sworn enemies. I don’t know how we could possibly cooperate on making the Chariot together!

Interviewer: Oh, you too made the chariot together?

Poseidon: Yes, since I am the god of horses and she created the wagon part of the chariot to help in war we had to cooperate.

Interviewer: That’s enough talk about Athena we want to talk about you. So how are you reacting about Zeus still in power of all the gods even though he is your younger brother?

Poseidon: I will never get used to it, I’m should be there because the seas are way more important than the skies. But at least Hades isn’t the ruler then it would be all death every day and all he talks about is who died when and how who died.

Interviewer: Yeah, we all are glad for that. So how are your sisters today?

Poseidon: Well Demeter will always be sad right now since Hades took her prized daughter Persephone and now that it is winter she has to return to the underworld and Demeter can’t bear it so it’s another sad sad time for her. Hera is still having trouble with Zeus since he is flirting with other Goddesses and mortal woman but nothing will stop him from keeping away from the ladies. She is so upset about this though is because she is the god of family, but hers is breaking by Zeus cheating on her. And Hestia is okay, she is still avoiding men like athena and just keeping on with her business.

Interviewer: Oh, well that’s how it goes in the immortal world. Tell them that everything will always be alright and to keep on going on with their immortal lives.

Poseidon: Thanks I’ll be sure to tell them. Do you have any more questions?

Interviewer: Just one more Poseidon. How are all the sea creatures doing?

Poseidon: Most of them are fine, but lots of the mortals are throwing trash into the waters so my creatures are eating then and either dying or getting really sick.

Interviewer: Oh I’m so sorry I hope I can do something to help.

Poseidon: Thanks, but I’m afraid you can stop everyone on the earth from littering.

Interviewer: True. Ok, thanks for watching everyone tune in next time on channel 5 for Brian with the Gods, Athena edition.

Poseidon: [Grunt]

All about poseidon and Athena

​The first person I am going to talk about is Poseiden. He was a very important and famous God. He is the God of the Sea, and is Zeus's brother. Poseiden's symbol is the trident. Poseiden had both good and bad qualities. These include of: (positive) Being able to calm the sea, (negative) He was greedy and sometimes killed people for fun, and (negative) He caused earthquakes by throwing his trident at the sea floor causing the earth to shake. His only friends were his brothers Zeus and Hades. His enemies were Apollo, Athena, Polybotes, All Trojans, His Own Sister, Hera, and his arch-nemissis, Odysseus. Poseiden was a strong, musclular, man with a long gray beard and dark gray hair. His eyes were blue like the sea and his skin was silky like the waves. He lived alone at the bottom of the sea, in fact, he IS the seas! One big obstacle he faced was always being second next to his younger brother, Zeus. He tried to solve his problem by trying to gain power over the other gods and as much as he could. Some achievements Poseiden had was that he, created the sea, horses, and earthquakes. He is the 2nd most powerful God next to Zeus. Also he could control the seas.​The second person I am going to talk about is Athena. She was an extremely brave goddess. She was the goddess of war and wisdom. Athena's symbol is the owl. She has both good and bad qualities. These include of: (positive) She was a very clever, brave, helpful, goddess with very smart battle plans, (negative) she was very sneaky and unfair, for example, when Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite had a beauty pagent, Athena bribed the judge, Prince Parls, to help her win, and (negative) she could hold the biggest grudges and was very aggressive. For examples, she held a grudge over Poseiden, cursed Medusa, and turned Arachne into a spider. Her best freinds were Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Persephone, Hecate, and she loved animals of all kinds, especially owls. Her enemies were Poseiden and Medusa. Athena had no real sisters, but she had half sisters. Athena was very beautiful, she had brown, curly hair and light gray eyes. She wears a long, Togo like robe and she wears lots of jewlery to express her wealth. Athena lives in and rules over the city of Athens. She was upset that she never had any boyfriends or husbands. She overcame that obstacle by avoiding Aphrodite's spells that would make her fall in love. Some of Athena's achievements were creating the flute, trumpet, earthenware pots, plies, rakes, oxyokes, horse britle, ships, and chariots. The city of Athens was named after her when she created the olive tree. Athena invented sewing, spinning, and weaving.​Third person I am going to talk about is Dennis Rodman. He was a very famous basketball player. He has both positive and negative qualities. These include of: (negative) He is very stubborn at times, and (positive) he does not give up. He was on the Chicago Bulls basketball team so some of his teammates are Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, John Paxson, and BJ Armstrong. Dennis was very tall, had multi-colored hair, had some tattoos, some peircings, and he was #91 which is a very large number for basketball. Rodman lived in Chicago, Illinois. One obstacle he had is that no one took him seriously. He got around that obstacle by becoming the greatest rebounder of all time. Then people took him more seriously as a basketball player. Some of his greatest achievements are: winning 3 championships, and becoming the greatest rebounder of all time.