Paths to war

Leading causes to world war 2

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What Caused World War II?

After World War 1, a treaty called The Treaty of Versailles was set up. The treaty said that Germany would lose land to surrounding nations and they would also have to make war reparations in terms of money. The bankrupt, embarrassed, guilt ridden and angry Germans were so desperate, they turned to Adolf Hitler as their leader. Adolf Hitler was a very power hungry man who took advantage of Germany’s desperate need to build up it’s economy. He got himself into political groups and lied to the people to make them believe in him. Those who believed that he could bring Germany back on it’s feet were part of his political group called the Nazis. Hitler wanted to change the government to totalitarianism so that he could have total control over the people and the German government. Hitler broke The Treaty of Versailles by rearming and mobilizing German troops into Rhineland. hitler then invaded other countries in Europe such as Poland, Russia, France and Belgium. The allied powers then declared war on Germany because of Hitler’s actions and attacks on countries. Japan, part of the axis powers, then bombed Pearl Harbor, because the U.S naval fleet was very strong and stood as a threat to the axis powers. They decided to attack Pearl Harbor because that was where most of the U.S naval forces were stationed. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the U.S officially entered the war and World War II had come to a startling uprise.