Costa Rica

Foreign Exchange Student Program

Costa Rica's Government and Laws

Costa Rica was found in 1502 by Christopher Columbus. Over half of Costa Rica's population of 4.8 million people are European. Spanish is the spoken language in Costa RIca and Roman Catholicism is the most practiced religion. Costa RIca is considered on of the most stable countries in Latin America. Luis Guillermo Solis is the current president. Costa RIca has had no military since December 1st 1948. Laws of Costa RIca include

Costa Rica's Climate

The Costa Rican climate is tropical, With a period of a wet season from April to November, And a much drier season from December to late March. Their average rainfall is usually between 70 and 140 inches. Temperatures greatly vary with altitude, from lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit to greater than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Which for the most part are fairly constant.

Costa Rica's Culture And Ettiquete

On a girls 15th birthday it is a tradition to have a big party called a Quinceanera it is regarded as a right of passage, it is often referred to as the becoming of a women. A lot of Costa Rica's social interactions are focused mainly on family. Christmas Eve in Costa RIca is a great example of how families come together. On the night before Christmas christian families gather together for a dinner of tamales.

Semana Santa (Easter Holy week)

This is a worldwide celebration but Costa RIca really celebrates this holiday. If you come around Easter time you will be a part of a week long celebration consisting of parades, religious processions, mini festivals, fasting, traditional food baking homemade tamales and more seafood than usual. Banks and businesses will be closed on these days.
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Compatability Score Compared To The US

I would give Costa RIca a C- Because this country isn't very urbanized because it relies on tourism as a business if they didn't have tourists they probably wouldn't be very well off. Costa Rica's culture and etiquette is much like any other country because they rely on family and friends because they are important to them.