GBE Counselor's Connection

Winter Newsletter

Welcome back! Hope you and your families had a relaxing and peaceful break.

Last month we focused on the characteristics we want to have in a friend and how to be a good friend. We also explored different options we have to resolve conflicts with others without using anger.

Bullying is the focus for the month of January. Bullying is a serious issue and concern! I will be teaching your children the upstander approach. We will talk about the importance of upstanders when bullying is happening. Encourage your children to stand up for others or report to an adult if they see bullying happening.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 660.269.2670 ext. 2181 or email me at

Counseling Groups

Counseling groups will begin this month! Small group counseling is one of the direct services available as part of the comprehensive school counseling program. Groups that will be offered will include: friendship and/or social skills, study skills (attention and organization), and handling difficult emotions (anxiety/grief/anger/stress).

Counseling is offered in a small group for students expressing difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns, or normal developmental tasks. Counseling helps students identify problems, causes, alternative and possible consequences so they can develop coping skills and take appropriate action. Depending on the topic, a variety of techniques and materials are used including books, short videos, role play, games, and suggestions for practice between sessions. Written parental permission is obtained for group counseling.

Your child may be referred by their teacher and permission forms will be sent home for them to participate.