Invasive species

Charlie Miesch

How do invasive species spread?

Ships, boats, and people all can contribute to the spreading of an invasive species. Ornamental or decorative plants can also get spread by dumping.

4 different invasive species

Zebra mussels- these are a huge problem in the Great Lakes and are spreading beyond control, the were broad in by shipping vessels.

Alligator weed- located mostly in the south, it was accidentally introduced to Florida in 1894.

Zika Virus- a pathogen that is spread by Mosquitos.

African bee- very aggressive bee located across the U.S.

Why should we care?

Invasive species can cause great harm to the ecosystem they are introduced to. They can also cause great harm to the native species and can even kill off some native species.

You can help contain them by cleaning your water craft after use and by not releasing plants and animals into your local waterways.