Celebrate Sandwich Day!

Do not be a skipper.

What about it?

Sandwich Day was created to honor sandwiches and those who forge them. The National Sandwich Council was founded in 2011 to fight the lack of awareness for sandwich makers. Sandwich Day has been celebrated on November 3rd for several decades.

Sandwich Day

Thursday, Nov. 3rd 2016 at 12am to Friday, Nov. 4th 2016 at 12am

The United States

Three Reasons Why Sandwich Day Should be Widely Celebrated:

1. Sandwiches are popular meals, especially lunches.

2. People who create sandwiches are not recognized enough.

3. Everything tastes better between two slices of bread.

The Definition of a Sandwich

A sandwich is a food item made of two slices of bread with at least one filling between them. They can have one piece of bread almost cut in two as long as it is not a wrap.