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would you want to see the most lively place in Kenya? If so come visit Nairobi.


It is located in central-eastern Africa and is in the eastern as well as northern and southern hemisphere, Kenya is bordered by the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, south Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda as well as the Indian Ocean. The absolute location of Nairobi is 1.2833 º S, 36.8167 ºE


Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, which lies in Africa. It also is the largest city in Kenya and its famous for having the Nairobi National Park, the worlds only game reserve found within a major city.


The climate in the summer ranges between 50ºF and 77ºF. The major landforms in Nairobi are Mount Kenya, Great Valley Rift, Chalbi desert, Lake Victoria and Lake Turkana. 45% of people in Nairobi are christian or protestant, 33% roman catholic, 10% indigenous religions and 2% other religions.


Over the last decade the Kenyan economy as demonstrated by GDP growth rates. Kenya is a struggle to emerge from drought that saw at least 10 million people to face starvation. The air in Nairobi is poisonous and causes serious aliments including heart and lung diseases as well as cancer.


trade shows in Kenya, May there were 6, June there was 30, July there were 5, August 6, september 10, october 7,in november6, december 2, altogether there was 79. They imported clothing.

Other Information

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. It is the most economically empowered country in the east Africa with the population of Nairobi reaching over 3 million. There can not be more lively place in Kenya.