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Google Docs

All students have Google Apps logins. Third graders used Google Docs in Kearns to share information in the computer lab. Grades 4-6 have logged in and created documents, individually and collaboratively, accessed their mail and taken surveys. Grades 5&6 have also joined a Google Classroom, done assignments and turned them in, shared documents and commented on shared documents, and created presentation pages. Grade 6 has also learned how to create and populate a spreadsheet, and use data to create a graph or chart.

Let's work together to make Google Docs work for your classroom!

Grolier Online

This online encyclopedia is a great place to start research on any topic. Unlike the open web, its content is reviewed for accuracy and timeliness. In addition, Grolier offers links to outside websites, news articles and magazines that have been checked by their publishers. Students have learned how to choose keywords for their searches, but they need direction. Results are leveled from early readers to high school content, and there is a lot of media that can be downloaded for projects.

The login for Grolier at school is kellylane / password = grolier
The login for Grolier at home is klane / password = home

Discovery Education

Teachers and students can login to Discovery Education and search for video segments, images or information about topics. Also, 4-6 graders have been taught how to login to their personal page, find an assignment and complete it.

Would you like to learn how to assign content to your students? I can help!

Follett Destiny

Our Library Collection is online!! You can look up a book, create a resource list for your class, recommend books to individual students, and read any of our 141 e-books on a computer, whiteboard, tablet or even phone. The students have all learned how to login to Follett and use Destiny Quest.

I'll gladly help you learn how to use its many features, but there is a tutorial on the Media Center page for your personal use.

Glogster Edu

Glogster is a great place to synthesize what you know or share information online. Your students are not individually registered for Glogster - your classroom is. All students have created Glogs - and can insert text, titles, videos, images and animations to their pages.

Let me know if you'd like to team up on a Glogster project.


You all know how to use Brainpop - and may want to set up a link to flip your classroom by having students watch a Brainpop episode at home before covering the topic in school.

Want to know more about Flipping the Classroom?