Rhode Island

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Who founded the colony of Rhode Island and why?

The Rhode Island Colony was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. The colony was founded by those who wanted to escape the lack of religious tolerance found in the other New England colonies. Its founder Roger Williams was a former colonist and religious exile from the Massachusetts Colony.

Main Industries of Rhode Island

The main industries of Rhode Island Colony included fishing, whaling, manufacturing of ships, rum manufacture and export, and some farming. Most of there main industries had to do with the ocean because Rhode Island is almost surrounded by the ocean.

Interesting Facts of Rhode Island

  • The Rhode Island Colony was home to the first Jewish synagogue and the first Baptist church in the New World.
  • Rhode Island's capital today is Providence, the same place where the original colony was founded.
  • In 1761 the colony had 22 distilleries and three sugar refineries because rum manufacturing was so popular.
  • The Rhode Island colony was the first to declare independence from Great Britain.
  • The meaning of the land is "red island" referring to the red clay that lined the shore.
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