The Marie Murphy Update

7 February 2020 Edition

Lots to Celebrate at Marie Murphy!

Marie Murphy Artists & Authors Recognized By Scholastic!

Each year, Scholastic recognizes young authors and artists from across the country with the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The following Marie Murphy students, including some MM alumni, were recognized for their outstanding work! Congratulations to all of our students who were recognized. And special thanks to Ms. Tramontin and Ms. Sabatini for helping coordinate the submission process and working with our students to develop their pieces!

Scholastic Writing Awards:

Gold Key: These pieces will go on to the National competition

  • Enie Batbold - Flowers Bloom in the Spring - Memoir
  • Daniel Grossner - The Staircase - Short Story
  • Alessandra Wilson - Clear Skies - Flash Fiction

Silver Key

  • Nathan Gelfgat - A Knot Undone - Flash Fiction
  • Nalin Kundu - The Golden Triumph - Memoir
  • Lexi Turner - My Life on Fire - Memoir

Honorable Mention:

  • Shaili Das - I Am - Memoir
  • Myra Gallant - An Umbrella On Rainy Days - Memoir
  • Grace Hester - A New Door Opens - Memoir
  • Leeli Jackson - When the Sky Cries Ash - Short Story
  • Liz Koles - The End - Flash Fiction
  • Ari Libby - Debris - Flash Fiction
  • Amara Mohn - Remember - Memoir

Former Marie Murphy Students:

  • Chelsea Lu - A Yellow-Tiled Past - Memoir - Silver Key
  • Chelsea Lu - The Unknown, Chop Suey, A Bystander is a Bully - Poetry - Silver Key
  • Anwyn Li - The Swimmer - Poetry - Honorable Mention

Scholastic Art Awards:

Gold Key:These pieces will go on to the National competition

  • Ellie Hardesty - for "Oh Snap!" - Ceramics
  • Myra Gallant - for "Taste of Home" - Photography
  • Alivia Gao - for "Resurrection" - Drawing & Illustration
  • Aaron Morales - for "The Illusionist" - Digital Art

Silver Key:

  • Aaron Morales - for "Shedding My Insecurity" - Drawing & Illustration
  • Elaine Cui - for "Lost in Thought" - Drawing & Illustration
  • Enie Batbold - for "Sweet n' Sour" - Painting
  • Enie Batbold - for "Oldie But A Goldie" - Fashion

Honorable Mention:

  • Ethan Li - for "The Color Beneath" - Drawing & Illustration
  • Gabe Lopez - for "The Fight Against Humanity" - Digital Art
  • Izza Virani - for "The Other Half" - Drawing & Illustration
  • Laura Nyhan - for "Stand Up" - Digital Art
  • Maria Petrakis - for "On My Own" - Drawing & Illustration
  • Myra Gallant - for "Broken" - Photography
  • Sumi Pandiri - for "The Stubborn Beauty" - Drawing & Illustration

Celebrate Black History Month

Each February since the 1970s, Black History Month has been celebrated across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands. From school systems to television networks, many organizations recognize the month by building Black history into their programming during the month of February.

At Marie Murphy, we're proud that our various curricula allows students opportunities to explore a variety of topics related to Black History Month - from the Triangle Slave Trade during colonial times, to the racism and prejudice in Tom Sawyer and To Kill A Mockingbird, to the fight for equal rights by the Little Rock Nine in Warriors Don't Cry.

The study and appreciation of other's experiences and perspectives is a necessary endeavor all year long and we are proud of our staff and students for their maturity in addressing such important topics.

Coin Wars

Student Council would like to fill you in on a very successful Coin Wars! This year Student Council collected the largest amount ever for charity with $2548.91. Wow!! The money will be split between St. Jude's Children's Hospital and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The winner of the grade level pizza party ended up being 8th grade, marking the third year in a row this cohort of students has won Coin Wars! While the 8th grade students have requested some kind of plaque or statue in the front of the school to record their Coin War dominance, Student Council sponsors Mr. Ro and Mr. Malstrom have decided a pizza party for the grade level is a better way to celebrate their achievement!

The final totals by grade were:

8th- $1375.92

6th- $802.75

7th- $307.74

The winners of the donut party for each grade are (the advisory class that raised the most money at each grade level): Ms. Rachmiel's advisory in 6th, Mr. Persino's advisory in 7th, and Mr. Malstrom's advisory in 8th.

As always, successful philanthropic endeavors like this are the result of parents, students and teachers working together. Thank you to everyone for supporting the efforts of your MM Student Council!


Please Take The Parent 5Essential Survey! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee!

The 5Essential Survey is available for parents to take. All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students took the survey before winter break. Now it's parents turn! The survey asks parents to provide feedback about their child’s school. The survey, created by the University of Chicago, is designed to help school and district leadership improve their understanding of the parent/school relationship.

Please click here to take this survey.

Please help us engage in positive, thoughtful reflection at Marie Murphy by providing us with your feedback before the window closes on February 14! Without a 20% response rate (we are currently at 14%), our data is invalid and we lose an essential, valuable component of our 5Essential data.

Avoca Center is Being Razed - Be Careful!

As you may have noticed, Avoca Center, the building on the west side of the MM parking lot, is being razed. The site is currently blocked off with fencing and barricades in order to ensure student and public safety.

As the work moves from the interior of the building to the exterior, we are asking all families and students to be extra careful, especially those students who walk to and from school on Illinois Road west of Marie Murphy. Heavy machinery will be entering and exiting the site frequently, and while entrance and exit to the work site is not supposed to take place during our pick up and drop off periods, sometimes the timing of things just doesn't work out.

In short, please be extra careful when maneuvering by Avoca Center!

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