Whats with Ebola??

By: Giovanni V period:5

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"Another patient has been diagnosed with Ebola." Sickness is just a skip away , and safety is a huge priority. Ebola was originally in Africa , but some bozo from Africa flew to America with Ebola and brought it to Texas! The outcome of a horrible disease outbreak , like Ebola , is not going to be great.

Ebola is a very infectious disease! It can kill people and animals! There are 5 Ebola viruses . 4 of them are fatal to all species! The other one is only fatal to animals. Ebola is very scary , but one thing that makes it less scary is that it is only spread through direct contact. Try not to get Ebola , because it can not be cured! Ebola also causes a sever fever , headache , diarrhea , vomiting , and really sever internal bleeding!

Usually your body gets blood clots normally to seal your body up , but when you have Ebola you get holes in bad places, like your liver and other organs . Then those holes need a blood clot but it does not clog up! Instead , you keep bleeding internally. That is not a good feeling! Be sure to stay safe!

Remember to always be alert when in public , Ebola cant be cured as of right now. Ebola is a bad disease but the Health Department is handling Ebola very well. Ebola ,a very bad disease , is going to have very bad outcomes.


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