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News for the week of October 8th

The Fall Book Fair is here!

It's Book Fair Week!!!!!

The whole school is excited about our Book Fair. An amazing selection of books is headed our way! At the Book Fair you will find the latest and finest titles for kids, as well as books of interest to parents. Mark your calendar for our Family Event (Monday, October 8th, 5-7pm) where the whole family can join in the fun. And, you can contribute books to your child's classroom library. The Book Fair is a great way to get everyone excited about reading. See you at the Book Fair!

Book Fair hours:

  • Monday, October 8th - 8am-3pm and 5-7pm (during PTA Open House)
  • Tuesday, October 9th - 8am-3pm
  • Wednesday, October 10th - 8am-3pm
  • Thursday, October 11th - 8am-3pm
  • Friday, October 12th - 8-11am

If you're out of town or can't make it to our Book Fair, you can also help support our school by shopping online. The online fair dates are September 30-October 20. The online fair has an expanded book selection, and all orders ship free to the school!

*Reminder: 6% sales tax is added to all book fair purchases. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted. Checks must be made payable to Fork Shoals School.*

For more information on our upcoming bookfair, visit

Proceeds from the Fall Book Fair will be used to purchase library books and materials and provide for an author visit in February.

When is your child's class visiting the Book Fair?

Each class has signed up for specific times to visit the Book Fair. (Students are not limited to this time period. This just gives every student a chance to see what the Book Fair has to offer.) Students will have the opportunity to make wish lists and browse through items they might like to purchase. Purchases can also be made during class visits.

Monday, October 8th

  • McNeely - 8:15
  • Thompson - 8:40
  • Johnson - 9:05
  • C. Garrett - 9:30
  • Garren - 9:55
  • Crain - 10:20
  • Church - 10:45
  • M. Garrett - 12:00
  • Coleman - 12:25
  • Grant - 12:50
  • Dean - 1:15
  • Alnatour - 1:40

Tuesday, October 9th

  • Weishaar - 8:15
  • Sabelhaus - 8:40
  • Fulcher - 9:05
  • Wilder - 9:30
  • Costin - 9:55
  • Moroney - 10:20
  • Cegledy - 10:45
  • Mathews - 11:10
  • Sandy - 12:00
  • Copeland - 1:15
  • Alexander - 1:40

Wednesday, October 10th

  • McDowell - 8:15
  • Wingo - 8:40
  • Sox - 9:05
  • Chasteen - 9:30
  • Critell - 9:55
  • Barney - 10:20
  • DeMeritt - 1:15
  • Mullins - 1:40

Thursday, October 11th

  • Kiser - 11:10

Book of the Week: True (...Sort of) by Katherine Hannigan

This nominee for the 2012-2013 South Carolina Children’s Book Award tells the tale of Delly, a young girl who has a very close relationship with trouble. (I have a feeling quite a few students will identify with Delly.) No matter what she does, or how good her intentions might be, Delly gets into predicaments that get her labeled as a “bad kid.” Now, Delly knows she’s not really bad, but the people around her are starting to make her think that she’ll never outrun the trouble that always seems to follow her. With the arrival of a new kid in town, however, Delly may have a chance to turn everything around…

No one knows much about Ferris Boyd. The new kid never talks, can’t be touched, spends all her time alone, and is often mistaken for a boy. Delly Pattison, though, sees Ferris Boyd as her way out of trouble. When Delly–and her little brother RB–are with Ferris, trouble seems to stay away. And Delly desperately needs to keep away from trouble, or her parents will send her to a reform school–or a reDellyformatory.

Even though Ferris doesn’t talk, Delly, Ferris, and RB find a way to communicate and form real friendships that will help all of them through the issues they’re facing. Even though Delly is quite familiar with her own brand of trouble, Ferris is dealing with something much more serious…something that has robbed her of the ability or desire to speak. With the help of Delly, RB, and Brud, another unlikely friend, Ferris will be able to come to terms with the fear that has held her captive. And Delly will learn that some things–like the safety and well-being of a dear friend–are worth the risk of getting into a little trouble.

True (…Sort of) is a quick, often hilarious, read that will grip readers from the first page. Delly is a character that is often misunderstood by those around her, something that nearly everyone can relate to on some level. Her quest to stay out of trouble is admirable, and readers will rejoice in her successes, but they’ll also be wowed by Delly’s ability to find a bit of fun in the small things around her and turn even the most mundane things into Dellyventures.

I also think young readers will be inspired by Delly’s vocabulary. Her made up words tell so much about her personality, and I hope that students will create their own vocabulary to explain the truly unique things about their own lives. (There is a “Dellyictionary” at the back of this book with a list of words and definitions for all of the words Delly uses throughout the book.) Even the non-cuss words Delly makes up tell readers how unique–and creative–this character is.

Even though this book is lighthearted at times, it also deals with a serious issue. This issue is personified in the character of Ferris Boyd, and it will be all too easy for readers to realize that something is really wrong in this young girl’s life. Her selective mutism and aversion to touching tells everyone that this girl has been through something awful. She may still be involved in something no child should ever have to deal with. Delly sees what others don’t. She sees that her friend is sad and afraid, and, even though Delly knows she’ll get into trouble for helping Ferris, she does what no one else has before. She puts Ferris’ safety above everything, and that decision changes more than one life…for the better.

True (…Sort of) is a book that will resonate with readers of all ages, and it is my hope that we’ll all pay a little more attention to children who might otherwise be overlooked, especially the “troublemakers” and the “invisible.” Sometimes, these are the kids who need us the most and who are just looking for their chance to shine.

For more information about True (…Sort of) and other books by author Katherine Hannigan, visit

Fork Shoals School Library

Ms. Kelly L. Knight, Librarian

Mrs. Allison Meredith, Library Clerk

2012-2013 South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominees
2012-13 South Carolina Children's Book Award Nominees

Dates to remember:

  • October 8-12 - Book Fair open to all!
  • October 8 - SIC meeting; PTA Open House (Book Fair will be open.)
  • October 9 - Chick-Fil-A Night Out
  • October 11 - Carrabba's Night (5th grade fundraiser)
  • October 16 - Ms. Knight to Common Core workshop
  • October 18-19 - Teacher workdays (Students do not report.)
  • October 18 - SIC community clothing swap
  • October 23 - Box Tops due!
  • October 24-26 - Ms. Knight to EdTech Conference

PTA Open House

Open House is on Monday, October 8th, beginning at 5:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to see work that your child has been doing so far this year. You can also sign up for your fall parent/teacher conference. For 3rd-5th grade challenge students, the Challenge teacher, Mrs. Kelowitz will be available for information about challenge. The Book Fair will be open, and more information will be available about our upcoming Fall Frenzy! Please join us!

Fall Frenzy reminders

Our Fall Frenzy is November 3rd from 10:00-3:00. This is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year. PTA is still in need of sponsors for the $50 or $100 level as well as products/services for the silent auction. Contact them at if you can help. They are also asking for $5 donations that will help cover the costs for the cake walk and soda toss.

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