I'm OK....even when life isn't

Unbridled Acres Fall Women's Retreat

Life is hard.

There is so much happening.

Sometimes, it seems too overwhelming, and life is spinning

in a direction we don't like or feel comfortable with.

We can feel hopeless and helpless to change it's course.

How can I be ok when life isn't?

Good morning!!!

The retreat is now just days away!

We have been busy preparing for you to come to Unbridled Acres and trust your day in the country will be a welcome respite from your worlds. The day is slated to be busy and full, but, with time to reflect and share,... so know that there will be discomfort in growth and changing your thinking.......you will leave seeing and knowing there is more than what you are living today...God has so much for us!

The setting is outside, in the elements ...bugs and dirt included.... no extra charge. Please plan accordingly..wear comfortable clothing expecting it to get dirty.....sunscreen and a hat if you desire to protect your skin, as we will be outside all afternoon. We have plenty of bug spray to keep the pests at bay. We will take part in a yoga session; please bring your yoga mat or a blanket. Also, you may want to throw in an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain.

We have plenty of drinks and snacks for you.

Directions to get to Unbridled Acres are on the web site below. Some of you may be used to coming on the Blair High Road...it is under construction. I would advise you to take Hwy. 75 through Ft. Calhoun as the directions tell you. It is easier and faster at this time.

When you get to Unbridled Acres, you will be parking in a field. You will be shown where to go ....I promise you are in good hands.

Payment may be made by cash or check, we are not able to accept credit cards at the barn.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns. We would like you to RSVP one more time, as I know life happens and things change.

2015 OK