What have we been up to?

Junior Achievement Program

We have been working with Kevin Blake (a community volunteer and business owner) to cover the following activities:

Elements of a Successful Startup

Myths and Facts relating to entrepreneurs

Defining entrepreneur, nonprofit business and social entrepreneur

Completing the Business Plan Organizer

Six Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Creating SMART goals

Google Sheets

We've learned about spreadsheets and their escentual uses as we prepare to start our own businesses.
Google Sheets - Tutorial 01 - Creating and Basic Formatting
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Linked In

We are learning the importance of networking and how to harness social media to build our portfolios, connections and resumes. We have also began to build our Linked In accounts, this should be something that we will continue to build and grow.

Performance Assessments

As in the real business world, we evaluate our performance each week. Below is an example of our performance assessment from a previous week.

Etsy Store

We are going to be running an Etsy store to help support the HS Makerspace! Hopefully we can make it profitable for all involved, learn valuable business skills and maintain the Makerspace.
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We are learning about SMART goals this week. The exercise started out by examining what each letter in SMART stands for, then practiced identifying quality examples of each letter. Next, we are going to break down broad goals into each letter component. After that we will be practicing writing our own goals. This will help us as we progress towards our JA projects. Each week we will set individual goals for the week and then provide evidence on Friday that we have met or are working towards those goals.
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We worked with our community volunteer, Kevin Blake, on Monday talking more about SMART goals and setting goals for ourselves for the future. We will be sending ourselves an email using WhenSend, which allows us to send an email to our future selves.