Honeywell Clean-up Plan

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Honeywell is working on cleaning Onondaga Lake. Starting in the 1880's, many industries dumped harmful waste and pollutants into Onondaga Lake. Honeywell is responsible for cleaning up the Lake since they purchased the company that produced most of the pollution.They're using about $451 million dollars to use to clean the lake with. So far 180,000 cubic yards of capping material is placed, 120,000 cubic yards of lake material is dredged, and 139,000,000 gallons of lake water is treated. The project was planned to be finished in 2016 and dredging to be finished in 2014.
Honeywell's inside look at Onondaga Lake clean-up
They are planning on planting about 1.1 million plants, shrubs, and trees. They built 1.5 miles of barrier wall, 3.9 miles of pipeline, and 3 water treatment plants all to help clean the water.

Honeywell Dredger

The dredger removes silt and other material from bodies of water.
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What is capping?

A process that is used to cover the bottom of a body of water to help prevent the movement of pollutants.
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