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Feb. 22nd - Feb. 26th

Dear Parent(s),

Congratulations to the following students for identifying the staff "Cuties".

Pre-K through Grade 2 - All students received a prize for their effort and determination.

Grade 3 - Paige M.

Grade 4 - Cole M.

Grade 5 - Jayla V.

Grade 6 - Corbin K.

Grade 7 - Korbin D.

Grade 8 - Alyssa R.

Grade 9 - Scarlett D.

Our Phys.Ed. extension will begin for gr.7-9 students on Tuesday Feb. 23rd from 3:30pm-4:30pm. Focus will be basketball skills and strategy.

Our registration campaign will be starting shortly, please keep your eyes out for our new sign off Highway 16. Also, we need your support through social media by forwarding our advertisements to friends and family through our Facebook page.

D. Lorne

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Pre K and Kindergarten Early Registration - OPEN NOW!!

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Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Introduction to Niton Central

News from the G.Y.P.S.D. Learning Connection

Counselor's Corner

What is Bullying?

Often parents are the biggest advocates for your own children when it comes to bullying, which is super challenging because you are receiving second-hand information. One of the biggest questions I receive from parents is, “how can I help my child with these situations?” There is no correct answer as every situation is so unique, but the first step is always to educate yourself as a parent so you can better support your child.
First off it is important to truly know what bullying is and the nature of the situation that is happening to your child. According to the SecondStep program, bullying is defined as intentional physical, verbal, or social aggression, is often repeated over time, and occurs when there’s a real or perceived power imbalance. When trying to identify bullying it is crucial to ask questions such as:

Was this act intentional?

Is this ongoing?

What happened that lead up to this outcome?

And how can I support my child learn the skills to self-advocate?

Secondly encouraging your child to document or journal situations that they identify as bullying. In the journal ensure that these questions are covered and that the information is as detailed as possible! This tool can help you, your child and the administrator problem-solve the best ways to deal with the bullying. Journaling can also help identify the true nature of the situation.
Here is a link for Bullying Canada.

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Feb. 24th - Pink Shirt Day

Feb. 26th - Twin Day

Feb. 26th - Mr. Getson MLA joining our gr. 5/6 class

March 5th - PD Day

March 12th - Report cards go home

Niton Central School Council Agenda