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An update for parents and families - August 31

The 2022-23 school year is here!

Hi Cougs!

I hope this newsletter finds you rested and refreshed, or at least ready to return to the normal routine of the school year. We have had our All Cougar Kickoff and various staff days, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome our students on Thursday!

Other items of note include 8th grade fall sports, the re-registration process, and other start-of-year tasks. 8th grade fall sports begin on Tuesday, September 6th. Skyward (InTouch) sports registration is open. Questions can be directed to Mr. Vankat. You may have noticed this past spring that Fife Public Schools is asking families to complete an electronic re-registration process so that all student and family information can be updated in Skyward. Please attempt to take care of this process as we prepare for the school year.

A reminder that the Fife School District has late arrival days on most Mondays for students, beginning September 12th. It is very important that students and parents be aware of these dates and times, as we will be working together as a staff and will not have supervision for students available until the teacher work time is completed. Please see the district calendar for specific dates. The student day at CJH is 7:40 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. CJH has two lunches this year. We also have our COREFLEX intervention period between second and third period, which provides us with time for academic intervention, as well as time for Family Time and Coug 101. Each of these helps us set the stage for a great school year.

A note to 8th grade students: The 8th grade year is a critical year for you, in that you are finalizing preparation, work ethic, study habits, and homework patterns for your 9th grade year, when you will be earning credits toward graduation. Students cannot make the mistake of thinking they will wait until 9th grade to ‘turn it on’. Over the years, we have seen repeatedly that the effort, production, and grades students earn in their 8th grade year are generally an indicator of what we will see during their 9th grade year. This means that we need to see each student’s very best effort in both years of your time at CJH!

Students, we will see you all on Thursday! Please make sure your Chromebook is in working order. As mentioned, all students will pick up a most up-to-date schedule on Thursday morning when they arrive on campus. Whether you ride a bus, are dropped off, or walk, you'll make your way to the main gym to pick that up.

Let’s make this the best year at CJH ever!

Whatever it takes!

Mark Robinson

CJH Principal



What time do I start school?

For the sake of safety and supervision, the building is open to students starting at 7:15am Tues through Fri. On Late Start Mondays, the building will be open at 8:15am.

First period kicks off at 7:40am each day (except Late Start Mondays) with the school day wrapping up at 2:20pm.

Where do I go when I get to school on the first day? When you arrive, you will be directed to the main gym where a copy of your class schedule will be waiting for you. Once you've picked up your schedule, you will then make your way to your first period class. This paper copy will also have your locker number and combination.

What do the first few days of school look like?

  • Thursday, Sept 1st - First day of school for students
  • No school on Sept 5th - Labor Day
  • Tuesday, Sept 6 - The start of a four-day week
  • Monday, Sept 12 - Our first Late Start Monday of the year - School day starts at 8:40am on these days.

School supply list is on the CJH homepage

We will be updating various items on our CJH webpage as we kick off the year, but please feel free to reach out if you have questions.
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New communication tool for Fife Public Schools

Families of students in Fife schools may have already noticed that some of the communications coming from schools are coming from ParentSquare. We are very excited about this new communication tool which allows you to customize how you want to receive information.

You should have already received an email inviting you to register for ParentSquare. If this email was lost in the busyness of summer, we suggest that you go back into your email to look for it (early part of August). Registering will allow you to customize how you want to receive messages.

School newsletters from CJH will be sent out using a combination of Smore and ParentSquare as we learn how to best use these great options.

If you have any changes to your contact information such as a new a phone number or email address, please contact your school to request an update.

Fife's Skyward link has been updated - may affect your links and phone app

We have a new link to our Skyward login page: https://www2.nwrdc.wa-k12.net/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wfifes71/seplog01.w

Please use this link, as the old link will no longer work.

There have been no changes to logins, passwords, access, etc. All you need to do is use this new link from now on.

Transportation information

Buses will be running on our normal bus schedule. You can go to the transportation department's webpage on the Fife Public Schools website.

Student Drop Off: If your child gets dropped off in the morning, please know that we use the drive-through area in front of the CJH main office. Please remember to be safe and patient as students arrive at school each day.

Enrollment for students new to Fife

Our student enrollment is now online - please use our online registration process.