2015: A Year In Review

Advanced Marketing Period 2- Charlotte Cafferky

Three Best Marketed Companies

1. Victoria Secret- This year, in the wake of the extreme popularity of some young supermodels, Victoria Secret utilized their growth of fame in their ad campaigns.

2. Geico- With their witty ads and classic catch phrase, Geico has caught many customer's attention through advertising, mainly on television.

3. Panera- This year, Panera has rolled out a new series of emotional ads as well as a new catch phrase to match it.

Products of 2015


1.Fit Bit- This bracelet, in its many forms, can help you do everything from track your steps to improving your sleep. This was popular in 2015 for very good reason.

2. Insta Max Camera- Polaroids already had their fame peak decades ago, and that vintage charm has come back in a big way, being one of the most popular items bought for the holidays.

3. Fallout 4- With its highly anticipated release, Fallout 4 sold 12 million copies and generated over $750 million in its first 24 hours at retail on Nov. 10.



1.Wen- This Distantly famous As-Seen-On-TV product used to be raved about by celebrities...until it came out that millions of women (and men) have lost substantial amounts of their hair using this product.

2. Waist Trainers- Maybe it was wishful thinking that these contraptions would be left in 18th century England. These "trainers" slowly morph your bone structure around the waist to give an ultimately more appealing look.

3. Fullips- This product blew up with its promises of fuller lips in just seconds. This promise may be accurate, but the company neglects to tell you about the severe tissue damage this product causes.

Best Movies

1. Trumbo- With the main character played by Bryan Cranston, this 1947 historical drama of the era of the "blacklist" was nominated for two Golden Globes, racked in two wins, and another 22 nominations.

2. Room- Originally a book voted "Best of the Year" by the New York Times, the movie adaptation of the story of a little boy and his mother held captive captivated audiences with its dramatic intensity and heartwarming chemistry of the main characters.



Best Artists

1. Justin Bieber- With his public apologies and rock solid physique, Justin was bound to make millions in 2015. With his "Purpose" album supposedly also a movement, it attracted fans in a whole new way.

2. The Weeknd- With the release of many top 40 hits, The Weeknd topped charts with his catchy tunes and masterful music videos, attracting fans to many means of entertainment.

Top 5 Chart Toppers

1. Hello-Adele

2. Sorry- Justin Bieber

3. Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

4. Hotline Bling- Drake

5. What Do You Mean- Justin Bieber


1. Change my eating habits

2. Pay more attention to my social life

3. Get accepted to college