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December News and Notes

First Semester Comes to a Close

It's been a whirlwind first semester. Thank you for all the hard work you've put in with your students. We hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating winter break!

When we return in January we'll hit the ground running preparing for our Science Fair and Science Olympiad events. Please see the website ( to sign up your students. We also need volunteers to help at these events. Please consider helping out and invite your colleagues to do the same. Click on one of the links below to sign up right now!

Science Fair (January 30th at Cobb Safety Village)

Middle School Science Olympiad (March 5th at South Cobb HS)

Elementary Science Olympiad (March 5th [Title I] at Fair Oaks ES; March 19th at Walton HS)

Teacher Spotlight

Illustrated Bodies: A Class Project for Pebblebrook's Anatomy/Physiology and Art Classes

This semester Sheila Taylor and I collaborated to enhance student learning between anatomy and advanced art students. We began by grouping students, making sure both classes were represented in each set. On their first meeting students were given their learning objectives as well as time to plan and coordinate. The purpose of the PBL was to anatomically illustrate form and function of one or more systems and indicate a disease of that system, but most groups chose to go way beyond that. Our second meeting together took place during a field trip to the Bodies Exhibit in Atlantic Station. Although students could not take pictures they were allowed to sketch. Over the next few weeks the 180 participating students collaborated as time allowed and often worked after school in open studio. The project culminated in a fashion show on Nov 17th in our theater. Students had a little over an hour to prepare their model, music, and final touches to their presentations. The day could not have gone smoother. Students helped each other both in their groups and in other groups, worked diligently, and cleaned up in record time. In the theaters all the presenters waited back stage while group members and visiting classes waited. Every three minutes we were greeted with an illustrated model(s) as well as a speaker. We had dancers, glow in the dark paint, neon and black lights, and athletic poses, just to name a few of the unique approaches to this project. Overall the project was a huge success! We had great student responses about the challenges of working in groups, managing time, and limited resources. As an art teacher I was super proud of the way everyone came together so smoothly and the amount of talent I see every day.

-Kim Piercy Pebblebrook HS

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Digital Tools and Resources

Upcoming Events

edX Courses

Monday, Dec. 7th, 8am

This is an online event.

Interested in furthering your own learning over break? Consider an edX MOOC. Many of these online classes are free and some are even self-paced. Check out the course catalog at

Bright Schools Competition

Friday, Jan. 29th 2016 at 5pm

This is an online event.

Through the Bright Schools Competition, which will award nearly $40,000 in prizes, students in grades 6–8 are asked to explore the correlation between light and sleep using scientific inquiry or engineering design concepts. Students will measure the amount of light available in the classroom, compare and analyze light measurements, and create and submit an original project that demonstrates their understanding of the effects of light and sleep on student health and performance. (