Greenhow and the Battle of Bullrun

The Civil War

Greenhow- spy for the South

Rose O'Neal Greenhow was a widow and a hostess and is the most popular female spy of the Civil War. She got information from the North and smuggled note to the South, warning the of the Union's plan of attack. This attack was failed when the South showed up before them at a creek known as Bull Run. She is remembered for helping the South win a battle, but in the long run, it made the North work even harder and eventually win the war.

Battle Of Bullrun- Awakening

The Union had planned an easy victory over the South at Bull Run with their plan, but little did they know Greenhow had ruined it. After the South was tipped of the Union's plan, they showed up at Mannassas long before the North had. It was a triumphant win for the South, and also unexpected. The significance of ths battle was that it showed twe Union could not simply just win thsi war easily, it would take work.

outcome and effects

Bull run was an unexpected win for the Confederate army. It showed that the South had something in the to show, and they weren't going down without a fight. It made the Union realize they needed to fight even harder..

conditions of the war

Medical conditions in the war were unsanitary. nurses and doctors arely washed their hands which led to spread of disease. There was minimal food and supplies as the war went on.