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by Principal Kate Wyman

Welcome to February! We have a very busy month ahead with roller skating, carnival, Valentine's Day parties, Gameball Run, and more. Stay connected with our Jefferson School FB page!

Our Patriots celebrated the 100th day of School before the polar vortex hit our area. Our students dressed up as 100-year olds and enjoyed working collaboratively with their peers to build 100 cup towers, 100 Lego structures, made 100 eyeglasses, and much more! Thank you to our parent volunteers and student helpers for making this experience a lot of fun for our Patriots!

Thank you to all of the generous donors for sending in extra $$$ to assist fellow Patriots with the skating fee. We truly appreciate your gift! Our students will be walking to and from the Skate Rink with school personnel. Every student will be skating 5 times during the unit.

CARNIVAL!!!! Power Up, Patriots is scheduled for Friday, Feb 8 from 4:30-7:30pm. You don't want to miss this exciting event. The Nintendo Switch and TV are ready to be raffled. The class baskets and silent auction items always draw a big crowd. Volunteers receive 5 tickets or $1 to use at the carnival. There are still opportunities to help or donate bake sale/cake walk.

All students are invited to wear their Gameball Run t-shirt or RED t-shirt on Friday, Feb 15. The Gameball Run event is scheduled for Feb 14 at 4pm, weather-permitting. Our final Jefferson Gameball Run fundraising total will be announced after all t-shirt orders have been placed. Last call - Friday (tomorrow) by noon!

Thank you to all who have completed the 5Essentials Parent Survey. We appreciate your time and feedback.

Enjoy your COLD day!


Send a message to the office,, if there have been any changes to your e-mail address, phone number, student transportation, or any other important student information. The office appreciates your help to keep us connected in case of an emergency.
Jefferson FEBRUARY 2019 Calendar

Jefferson February 2019 Calendar-Click Here


For the month of February, Character Education will continue on the topic of Growth Mindset by focusing on one key aspect of Growth Mindset which is Never Give Up. This happens to be what the N in NED stands for! In class we will be learning that everyone faces challenges every day and we will learn how to have a Never Give Up attitude!

At Home: Talk with your students about their goals. Discuss how they can make those goals happen and what to do if they run into an obstacle. Be sure that their goals and steps to reaching their goals are achievable.

Remind your student that everyone makes mistakes! It’s a part of learning! Everyone makes mistakes – even famous people like Thomas Edison. He’s the person who invented the light bulb! But before any of his light bulbs actually worked, he built over 1,000 models that didn’t work. But he didn’t give up. He kept learning from his mistakes until he succeeded at making a bulb that actually gave off light! When a news reporter asked him, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Discuss other famous people that failed at first but continued on to succeed after not giving up.

Genius is…

neither learned nor acquired.

It is knowing without experience.

It is risking without fear of failure.

It is perception without touch.

It is understanding without research.

It is certainty without proof.

It is ability without practice.

It is invention without limitations.

It is imagination without boundaries.

It is creativity without constraints.

It is extraordinary intelligence!

  • Patricia Polacco

FEBRUARY - Book of the Month

The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani

It's 1947, and India, newly independent of British rule, has been separated into two countries: Pakistan and India. The divide has created much tension between Hindus and Muslims, and hundreds of thousands are killed crossing borders.
Half-Muslim, half-Hindu twelve-year-old Nisha doesn't know where she belongs, or what her country is anymore. When Papa decides it's too dangerous to stay in what is now Pakistan, Nisha and her family become refugees and embark first by train but later on foot to reach her new home. The journey is long, difficult, and dangerous, and after losing her mother as a baby, Nisha can't imagine losing her homeland, too. But even if her country has been ripped apart, Nisha still believes in the possibility of putting herself back together.

APP of the Month - FEBRUARY

Students in the District 709 elementary schools frequently use an app called Kids A - Z. An educational App, aligned with Common Core Standards, teachers assign books from the book room. Primary students can listen to books while older students practice their reading skills. Most students then take a quiz on what they have read. Ed Tech Round Up Review: Outstanding.

PTO News

February 4th & 15th - Scrip Orders Distributed!


What is SCRIP? SCRIP is simply gift cards that you purchase from the PTO that you then use at your favorite retailers, like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, and many more. These gift cards carry a rebate that goes towards our school. The rebates can add up quickly, and all proceeds will go toward our NEW playground! The only thing you need to do is plan your purchases and make them with our gift cards instead of cash or checks. The gift cards make great gifts this holiday season too! Everyone wins! Be on the lookout for an order form to be sent home next week!! and click on "Join A Program" box.

Jefferson's enrollment code: FC3F1EE926695

Friday, February 22nd is Box Tops Turn-In Day!

PTO Facebook GROUP - "Jefferson Patriots PTO"

Please join our NEW GROUP page, if you haven’t already!! We currently have a regular Facebook page, but with a “group”, we will ensure everyone who is a member will see our posts. This is also the easiest way to get up to date information, see what sign ups and events we have going on, and to view our PTO Meetings - we will stream them LIVE.

Happy Friday Staff Snacks

Each Friday we try to provide our teachers and staff with some treats....just to make them happy and to show our appreciation! Sign up using the link below!!/showSignUp/10c0d49aeac2ba1f58-friday1/34407846


We are excited to again have our class baskets for the 2019 “Power Up Patriots” carnival. Each class will collect donations to go along with their class basket theme. The baskets will then be raffled off the night of our carnival. Each class theme is listed below. Notes will be sent home with more details. Please turn in your donations by February 6th. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Webb at 634-1142 or April Bimrose at 453-7852.



Class Basket: "Unwrap the Mystery"


Class Basket: "Little Library"


Class Basket: "Summer Fun"


Class Basket: "Take the Cake"


Class Basket: "Fur the Love of Dogs"


Class Basket: "Crazy for Chocolate"


Class Basket: Shafer/Sarver – Combined, "Boys and Their Toys" and "It's A Girl Thing"


Class Basket: Shafer/Sarver – Combined, "Boys and Their Toys" and "It's A Girl Thing"


Class Basket: “Sports and Outdoor Fun”


Class Basket: "Snack Attack"


Class Basket: "A Night at the Movies"


Class Basket: "Family Fun Night"


Class Basket: "Morton Mania"


Class Basket: "Arts and Crafts"

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