Progress in Animation


Animation is defined as "the technique of photographing drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement." The words "illusion of movement" is the important part. The art of animation has existed since the 1830's although the most recognizable animation style came along in the 1910's. Ever since, animations has been evolving to include more color, fluid movement, and different design. Compare the Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1900s to CartoonNetwork's shows.

Reason Why

The biggest reason why I chose to do this animation project is simply because it's something I have really wanted to try for a long time. As in, since I was 12. It would have been a major struggle for me if I tried it back then since I lacked the drawing skills I have today. It took a considerable amount of time, patience, and practice to get to the skill level I'm at now, which makes drawing scenes a lot easier for me.

The reason I got into animation is still unknown to me, but I can say it is interesting enough to get me inspired. I have tried to make small animations in the past, so I can say I have some experience with animation. I'm really looking forward to view the finished video I'm currently working on.


I feel that many people don't see animation as a beneficial thing or tend to overlook it. Animation is practically everywhere in sources of entertainment. Movies, TV shows, and video games all include animations. So it's quite beneficial to those who make it on an economic level. They make money off of their work, and you get to be entertained by the work those people do. For those creating an animation, like me, can benefit form the skills we learn as we create. We learn skills in drawing, computer skills, time management (making an animation takes a while) and teamwork skills if the project is big. So, animation is more beneficial the most think!

Animation Influence

Animation is everywhere in the world. As in, practically every country has its own cartoon that's unique to only them. In America, we have the old cartoons (Flinstones, Scooby-Doo) and CartoonNetwork, a channel dedicated to only animation shows. But there are a few cartoons and animation styles of different countries that Stand out to me.

-Moomin - Finland

This cartoon, based on its book, first aired in the late 1900s

-Madeline - France

Aired in 1985 based on its popular book series.

-Doraemon - Japan

First aired in 1972. Has gotten remakes in 1979 and 2005