Visit to zoo

We're going on tour!

"Zoo Aquarium" in Madrid.

Let's imagine that we will visit the Zoo Aquarion of Madrid. We have to look opening times, buses, address, website zoo, and especially what animals live in the zoo. I already know the animals but what about you? Let's enjoy learning and reviewing...

The following are three of the animals who live in the zoo:

Here are the rest of animals:

Madrid Zoo and Aquarium


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You can buy it online:

- Adult (8-64 years old): 17'90€

- Infant (3-7 years old): 16'90€

- Senior (Over 65 years old): 16'90€

- Children under 3 years old (accompanied by an adult): 0'00 €

- Disabled person + companion (free): 16'90€

- Larg family: Adult (13'50€) and infant (9'20€)

And, you can buy the ticket in the ticket office:

- Adult: 22'95€

- Infant: 18'60€

- Senior: 18'60€

- Children under 3 years old: 0'00€

- Disabled person + companion: 18'60€

- Larg family: Adult (13'50€) and infant (9'20€)


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