Coaching through Communication

Stances, Stems and Language


Let's take a look at the 4 box Mentor Check-In tool and discuss the benefits/uses.

How can this tool support teacher goal setting and reflection using the PPfT rubric?

Let's look at 3 different stances.

Directive: In the directive approach, this takes the form of 'giving'. Here, you provide, offer, share, reference, model or provide. In this stance as the mentor, you will be doing most of the guiding.

Collaborative: In this stance the mentor and mentee analyze, decide, develop,or plan together. This is a time to operate as a team and it is helpful to use the word "we" when referring to action steps.

Facilitative: This is an opportunity to ask general questions to help probe conversation to see how the mentee is feeling and what celebrations or challenges they are experiencing. The mentee is usually self-directed and on the way to autonomy. The mentor acts mostly as a facilitator.

Objective Vs. Subjective Language: Being aware of how scripting, reflective questioning, and conversations affect mentoring relationship.

Conversation Stances

Coaching Language and Stems

Role Play Scenarios

Work with a partner to choose a scenario and role play a mentor/ mentee conversation using stems and stances.

PPfT Rubric- Professional Growth and Responsibilities

Take a moment to look through the rubric and highlight 3's and 4's in the areas you feel reflect today's learning or apply to your practice as a mentor.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?