Pesky Mosquitos

Crystal Yapul

Parisitism between humans and mosquitos

ATTENTION: MOSQUITOS ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK. Mosquitos look like harmful bugs but they aren't. They suck blood out of you and they use it as energy. So next time you think that a mosquito bite is nothing, make sure you don't let it get infected. But like I said earlier, mosquitos role is to extract blood from the human. the human provieds the mosquito by having blood in their bodies. The advantage of the mosquito extracting blood from a human is for energy. The disadvantage for the human is that they lose blood from their body and if they let it get infected, you could get sick. This is what's called Parasitism. In this kind of parasitism relationship, the mosquito benefits and the human is harmed. So once again, make sure you don't let your mosquito bite to get infected or you will end up sick.
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