SC Clarion

Weekly Staying Connected, Edition 13, October 17

Major's Moment

Last week, we experimented with our dog, Brownie. We put her in the shed at night to protect her from the raccoons that we're pretty sure have attacked her. We also wanted to spare the neighborhood from a barking dog in the middle of the night. Brownie would also be nice and warm from the elements.

However, the next morning we found some of the shed door trim chewed up. Brownie was anxious being in a new place, a different scene, and didn't feel comfortable with being in the shed. She didn't realize that everything was done for her good and for the good of all. She just felt trapped and wanted to fight her way out.

Do you relate to that feeling? Sometimes we want to fight our way out of what should be a good thing. Why is that we often times don't want to see or can't see what is actually best?

Lord, help us to see how you are working in our lives - not to hurt us, but to help us, to help your kingdom.

Major Shoshannah

** Teen youth group after church this Sunday, October 24. **

Moving Beyond the Screen

Here is the postcard we shared in church on Sunday! We have plenty for you to personally invite someone to church with you. God can use you to reach someone for Him.

Called to Care Brigade in Santa Clara for Blitz October 15 - 17

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Call to Care Brigade

We want to again so thank you to the brigade for all of the ways they ministered:

  • Cadet Cristian Da Silva
  • Cadet Adelza Da Silva
  • Cadet Jocelyn Boyd
  • Cadet Shane Ingram
  • Cadet Loren Philpot
  • Cadet Vonne Hoogstad
  • Cadet Makda Workneh
  • Cadet Christopher Rodriguera
  • Major Rob Reardon

We look forward to seeing you lead and serve in The Salvation Army wherever you go!

Christmas Toys

We know that Christmas is not about toys. However, the love of God can be seen through a simple gift to our children. If you, or someone you know, needs help providing a gift to your loved ones, please see the following information.

Red kettle season is around the corner! Info coming soon!

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Oscar Sanchez in Pasadena

We praise the God to see that Oscar is continuing with his heart of worship to the Lord in Pasadena. If you can send him encouragement while he is at school, please use the following:


Oscar E Sanchez Z

PO Box 9521 - Unit 1283

Azusa, CA 91702


Oscar E Sanchez Z

701 E Foothill Blvd - Unit 1283

Azusa, CA 91702

Women's Fellowship

Families - please help support the women in your life to take a break once a month to be encouraged, have fun, and have some "me" time with the women's group. Whether it be watching the kids alone, finding a sitter, ordering dinner out, or even pushing her to go ... do it! She won't regret coming! Ladies text to: 81010 and message: @g7b333h to be added to the Ladies Night Out Group!

Sunday Prayer Time

Join Majors Bill and Bernie Begonia on Sundays, 10:15 AM to share a specific time in prayer before the worship service. They will meet in the Dining Area.

Remind App

Please help us keep you informed by signing up for the Remind App. Simply follow the directions. The goal is to touch base with a newsletter once a week and avoid 25 responses to a group text. This is a secure way for us to do this. Text to: 81010, Send the message: @chkhc6.

Feel free to share the info. Thank you in advance.

General Schedule


  • 9:30 AM Adult Connect Group
  • 10:15 AM Prayer
  • 10:30 AM Worship service
  • 11:00 AM Junior Church
  • 12:30 PM Potluck & Fellowship (2nd Sunday)
  • 12:30 PM Teen Youth Group (every other week)


  • 6:30 PM Family Night (for everyone)
  • Dinner, Bible Study, and Corps Cadets


  • 7:00 PM Corps Council Meeting (Zoom Invite - 1st week)
  • 6:30 PM Men's Basketball (2nd and 4th week)


  • 7:00 PM Women's Fellowship (2nd week)