Flooding in Japan!

A huge flood has happened in Japan by the Kinugawa river!

How did this happen?

Heavy rainfall caused the Kinugawa river in Nikko Japan to flood. The effects were catastrophic and many homes in cities around that river were destroyed or were damaged. In fact at least 13,000 homes were destroyed from the flood. The areas that were hit the most hard included Joso, and Ibaraki. Joso had a population of 42,000 people. 28 million people were advised to evacuate just to make sure they didn't go missing in the flood.

What were the effects of the flood?

Besides the 13,000 homes that were destroyed 7 people died in the flood and 15 went missing. Luckily, the 15 people who were missing were all found and rescued. This was the worst flood that Japan has had in 50 years. Some people believe that other areas of Japan have a chance of getting flooded in the future. If the thunder and rainclouds move over to busy cities like Tokyo the destruction will be even worse than it was in areas like Joso. The city of Tochigi had more than 500 mm in under 24 hours. . Many familys were trapped on the roofs of there houses, because of the amount of water in the streets. Luckily this was the only flood Japan has had this year.