Support Suicide/Depression

Sarah Mueller ~ Nevaeh Brown

3 signs/Symptoms of Depression -- 3 warning signs of suicide

3 Warning Signs of Suicide 3 Signs/Symptons of Deprssion

  • Aggresive behavior ( Overeating or Appetite loss )
  • changes in personality ( Fatigue or decreased energy )
  • Daytime sleepiness ( Always talking or thinking about death )

Suicide/Depression Awareness Month

Saturday, Sep. 10th 2016 at 11am

4001 Stough Road

Concord, NC

Come out and support Suicide/Depression! Talk an Listen to other peoples stories!

Self injury ( 3 Resources )

  • unexplained scars, cuts, bruises, and burns ( family and friends )
  • possession of sharp instruments ( therapist )
  • extreme anger, sadness, or pain ( Support Group )


Start time- 11:00 am

Tell each other about you're self- 11:30am

Lunch- 12:00pm

Talk about things that you have been depressed over/ how to cope with it- 12:45p

Go to the lake/pond, walk and meet new people- 2:00

Wrap and handout gift bags.

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