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The Newsletter of the Storm Soccer Club - Issue 3

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The Final Whistle

Tournament - Champions & Finalist

The Final Whistle from our Storm Club Technical Director

My role as Club Technical Director with Storm began June of 2013 and since then I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to work with outstanding coaches in our club. We have an extremely talented coaching staff who knows the game very well and is able to successfully pass on their knowledge of the game to the players they coach. I am very thankful each one of our coaches has choosen to coach at Storm Soccer Club and and I am also glad they are such good role models for the players they coach. Our coaching staff prides itself on teaching players not only the game itself but also valuable life lessons that Storm alumni will be able to take with them long after they retire from playing the game we all love.

Over the last year I have been able to watch our Storm teams compete against other teams across the state and know we are working to develop our players at the highest level. We as a club will continue to build on top of the foundation that had already been set in place. I have been fortunate to be able to personally train a large number of Storm players as well as watch several Storm teams train and play games during the summer, fall, and winter. I have been able to witness alot of Storm players having fun and playing hard which has been great to see since my main coaching philosophy is based on those two critical components.

I am very thankful for the coaching staff we have in place at Storm. We have a group of really good coaches on staff who have a strong coaching background and also are great role models to the kids they coach. I am glad they have chosen to coach our players here in the Storm Soccer Club. We will continue to add more Storm coaches over time who also fit within those same qualities. At the end of the day, we here at Storm want to have coaches who will be remembered for being a positive role model and inspiration to the players they have coached long after their soccer playing days are over.

I am excited to announce that Storm Soccer Club will be implementing a club wide curriculum beginning this spring. I have been working on this curriculum over the last year. It is designed to help all Storm players increase their skills in several areas. The curriculum is based on a reward system.

Storm players will receive a colored SKILLS BADGE when they have successfully completed each category. Storm players will be able to clip the SKILLS BADGES they receive onto their soccer backpacks. Each year Storm players will be retested and they will be able to see how they have improved on their skills year by year. We are the first club in Central Kentucky to implement a club wide curriculum like this and we are excited to lead the way in helping develop our players into the best players they can be.

Storm field players will focus on increasing their skill level on the following categories: Dribbling, 1V1's, Turns, Receiving, Rhythms, Juggling, and Ball Control.

Storm Keepers will focus on increasing their skill level on the following categories: Ball Collecting, Diving, Parrying/Punching, and Distribution,

We will roll out our Storm SKILS BADGE Curriculum in a couple of phases. The first phase will begin during our Spring 2015 season and will include: Dribbling and 1V1's. All categories will be placed onto the Storm SKILLS BADGE Curriculum page of our website and will have a video link that players will be able to click on and see how to successfully complete each skill set. Parents will receive an email with more details on when and where the SKILLS BADGE Curriculum testing will be held but, we are planning for the testing to be done in mid April.

Storm has seen significant success this past fall season and I am really excited to see the continued success grow within the club during the upcoming spring season and well beyond! I look forward to seeing everyone out on the soccer fields soon and as always Have Fun - Play Hard!!

Garrett Stark

Club Technical Director

Tournament - Champions & Finalist


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