Lockport City School District

April 2, 2020

Continuity of Learning

As you may know, New York Governor Cuomo announced Sunday that 100 percent of the non-essential workforce should stay at home until at least April 15th. Therefore, the Lockport City School district will remain closed through that date. The governor said the state will reevaluate if it will be extended even further every two weeks.

We hope to reassure families that our number one goal remains ensuring the safety of all of our school community members; students, staff, and families. Our focus during the crisis is to keep teachers and students connected and to do the best everyone can do with alternative instruction. We do not want to overburden anyone with difficult to manage expectations.

Therefore, teachers have prepared common activities by course and grade level that will be available on the Lockport City School district website beginning Monday April 6, 2020. A link to all activities will be found on our website in the front gallery, under the Parent tab>Learning at Home, or at www.lockportschools.org/homelearning. There will also be an icon on the district’s mobile app. For all families we encourage you to have your child read daily, to write often, do math, and remain active during the best you can during this time.

The posting of third quarter report cards will NOT take place on April 9th as originally scheduled due to school closure. A report card distribution date will be determined at a later time.

Lastly, please know that we also recognize the emotional toll this pandemic has on everyone and each of you are in our thoughts. We encourage you and your child to continue to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher through whatever means you have been using.

Learning at Home Website

Lessons and activities can be found here!

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Marianne Currie Hall, Executive Director of Educational Services

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