EDT 110 My Ideal Classroom

Kathy Guzman


In the day and age we are living in technology has has a huge influence in education. Teachers have has to learn to adapt to this trend and learn to engage students. I will have this in my future classroom because I believe it can help the students. My classroom will have computers, a projector, cameras, printer, a smart board, and internet
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The Smart board

The Smart board can engage students into being physically involved with learning. It creates an experience between teachers and students that otherwise wouldn't be reached. It allows teachers to see the way the students process ideas as they write them on the board.
SMART boards in the classroom


This video is an example of how technology can be useful in the classroom.


I believe internet is important in the classroom because it can keep the students and teacher connected with each other. Many teachers do the roaster online because it is more efficient. Having internet saves time so that the teacher can have time to teach something more valuable.