Dia De Los Reyes

Fun and delicious recipes everyone will enjoy

Dia de los Reyes, which celebrates the coming of the three wise men in the Nativity story, is celebrated on January 6th. This fun festivity is filled with family, fun and most importantly FOOD !!! Here are some traditional Mexican foods to help celebrate the day!
Tamales are yummy any day of the week, so it's no surprise that they are included in our holiday meal ! Here are a couple yummy recipes for you to try!
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Who doesn't love a good bowl of delicious, warm soup? Pozole is a blend of vegetables and meat that will please any picky eater! Try some of thes awesome traditional version, or modify them for your family, either way it'll be awesome!
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Mexican Hot Chocolate

It's hot chocolate, need I say more?


Champurrado is a chocolate -based atole, it's warm, thick and soooo good!

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Ponche is a warm punch made with a mix of fruits, cinnamon and sugar cane, it's one of my all time favourites, here are some ways to make this awesome holiday drink.
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Bunuelos are one of those food that you could eat any day of the year, they're crunch, they're sweet and they're so fun to eat!
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Rosca de Reyes

Ok, now for the star⭐️ Of the show, the Rosca de Reyes, also know as the Kings bread!
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