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Saint John XXIII May 24, 2020

Solemnity of the Ascension: Jesus ascends to Heaven

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Leadership Message

Moments of Grace: Hope in the middle of chaos

This week felt a little different. Perhaps it is that we have slowly emerged into the acceptance stage of the current situation, maybe it is the beautiful weather, but more than likely it was the focus on Catholic Education Week and the hope we find in our faith.

With the uncertainty of everything around us, we can find ourselves confused, trying to make sense of it all. Which way do we go down the aisle at Safeway? Should we stand here or over there? Can animals transmit COVID? Do I visit my sister? What "Phase" are we in and what does that mean for me? My spouse? My job? My kids?

As we celebrate the Feast of Ascension today we are reminded of hope. Hope of eternal life. Hope of the promise of God's love. Hope that there is more than our human plans. Today, we are reminded that, while there is suffering and confusion during our journeys, crosses we all must bear, there is hope and everlasting love for each of us with God.

Today may we all experience a moment of God's grace where we know, without a doubt, we are never alone and we are infinitely loved.


Mrs. Boehm, Principal

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Thank you to everyone for celebrating the gift of Catholic Education week last week! Here is our SJXXIII finale video highlighting why we love our Catholic school

SJXXIII Celebrates Catholic Education Week May 2020

Thank you to our Parish-Parent Rep, Michelle Johnston for sharing your why

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Last week's challenge: Wear Blue for Catholic Ed

Mrs. Boehm's Weekly Challenge: What are you reading?

This week's challenge: What are you reading?

Inspired by a conversation between Ryker and Samone and Mrs. Boehm, this week's challenge is: What are you Reading? Ryker and Samone had returned their library books to Mrs. Boehm this weekend and shared how much they LOVE the book, Iggy Peck Architect, by Andrea Beaty. So much in fact that both kids started to recite it word for word to Mrs. Boehm! It was so enjoyable to hear and see their excitement, this inspired the weekly challenge. What a wonderful story that has come out of COVID and having your library books for over a month!

What awesome stories are you reading at home?

Please send your weekly challenge picture to Mrs. Boehm We will post these on our various school sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Weekly Smore).

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Leadership Staffing Update for 2020-2021: Congratulations Principal Hinger!

We are excited to share that our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Cathy Hinger, has received a principalship with our EICS division and will be leading the community of St. Luke next year. We wish Mrs. Hinger continued success and joy in her new role. We are grateful to Mrs. Hinger for the time and gifts she shared with our SJ community, you will be missed!

Farewell to our AMAZING Support Staff: Please send your messages of love and support in

This Friday will be our Educational Assistants, librarian, and evening custodian last day for the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Wright is helping us gather some important messages for them and we would LOVE to have as many messages as we can from you. Please take a few moments to share how much you value our support staff by following the directions below.

Instructions at this YOUTUBE link

Link to the FLIPGRID to record video

Registration is still open for the 2020-2021 school year

Although we currently are not in school at this time, we are still moving forward and planning for the 2020-2021 school year. We are taking new registrations at this time so please encourage your friends, family and neighbours to register through our division website

If you know that your child will not be attending Saint John XXIII next year, we would ask that you call the school office (780-998-7777) and inform us of your intentions.

Welcome to Kindergarten 2020-2021

Kindergarten Parents,

By now you should have received a welcome letter for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year sharing your child's placement. Please contact us if you have not received. The original welcome letters sent in March shared dates about our Open house and Kindergarten Information Evening.

With the current circumstances, we have had to adjust the plan. In June we will be sending home a video to introduce some of our SJXXIII team, including our amazing Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ekdahl, and highlight some elements of Kindergarten from this year. Once we have confirmation from the Alberta Government on how re-entry in September will look, we will confirm a date, time, and platform for our Kindergarten Information Session. At this time you will find out more information to help prepare your child for their Kindergarten journey.

Until then... Please browse our website, follow us on our Facebook page @St. John XXIII and Twitter @St_JohnXXIII to see daily and weekly feeds about our amazing school! Questions? Please contact our team anytime at 780-998-7777 to assist you with any questions or wonderings about Kindergarten. We are happy to help.

Transitioning: Preparing for Next Year

In the midst of the uncertainty of what the fall looks like, we continue to plan and prepare for our upcoming school year. As soon as we know more from the Alberta government, we will share all and any information we receive. Until then, we continue to plan for transitioning our students from this year to next year. We are especially mindful of the increased importance of supporting our students with the added social emotional needs from COVID-19.

Many professional considerations are taking into account when determining optimal learning environments for all students next year. Our Student Support Team meets weekly to collaborate and plan for supporting all students, especially in this time of the pandemic. Our Student Support team met Friday to make professional considerations for placement for next year for some of our students. Grade level teachers will meet this week to create class compositions based on several criteria. Class lists will then be considered once more by our Student Support Team.

Once class lists and staffing are finalized, we can begin the process of lettings students and their families know so we can transition for next year. Our goal will be to share placements via PowerSchool on Friday, June 12th.

Giving students the opportunity to connect with and meet their new teacher often alleviates some worry about new settings and experiences. We are currently working through the "How" this year of students connecting with their next year's teacher and grade level teams. Our goal will be to connect students and their new teacher(s) the week of June 15-19. We will keep you posted on how this will transpire.

As always, please continue to communicate important information with our team, beginning with your child's teacher, so we can best support your child. There are many dedicated people who wrap around your child every day to provide positive and caring faith and learning journeys for each student.

Other important transition planning:

  • Mrs. Boehm has been in touch with SJPII principal, Mr. Robert Stecyk, to discuss transitioning for our grade 4s as it will look different this year. We will still find a way for Mr. Stecyk and Mrs. Dumont (Assistant Principal) to connect with our fours. Virtual school tours, information evening, etc. are in the works for our grade fours. Our CRC & FWW have already met with the SJPII CRC and FWW to share important learning needs information with SJPII staff and they will continue to connect and collaborate to support our students.
  • ISP/RSP transition meetings are booked for June: Ms. Rita Astalosch has booked meetings for our ISP/RSP students and their families which will have both this year's teams and next year's teams come together.
  • Wednesday, June 3 Collaborative Team Meetings: Our SJ Admin, teachers, FWW, and CRC will meet in Collaborative team meetings for grade level transitions where teachers will have the opportunity to share important learning and wellness strategies that worked well for each student this year.
  • Kindergarten transition information is shared above

At Saint John XXIII, staff work diligently every day to build connections and foster relationships with ALL students, regardless of class, they are all "our kids" and this makes transitioning so much easier. Thank-you for your continued trust in all we do!

Healthy Champions: This month's focus: Emotions

This month for our Healthy Living focus (highlighted in daily announcements) we are focusing on Emotions; what are they and how do we manage them?

Below is a great video for students and families that has been shared at our assembly about the brain and emotions. During these uncertain times, our emotions can get the best of all of us. Having understanding and tools to cope are important for us to navigate these times together.

Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

Library Books: Returning Library Books Tuesdays and Wednesdays in May

We recognize that the library books taken out by students in March have probably been read a time or two and would like to begin the process of returning books to the school. For the month of May we will be placing a book return basket outside the front entrance on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

News from EICS transportation: Transportation Flexible Payment Plan Options

2020-2021 Fees:

We realize that it may seem confusing as to why we are sending out invoices about next September when so many things in our province are not finalized during this pandemic.

In order to start planning routes and schedules moving forward - EICS Transportation needs to have concrete numbers of students and addresses to start planning the routes and pick up/drop off stops for our EICS bus riders.

With respect to specific concerns about transportation fees and the payment plan, EICS has provided two options:

1. June 15 to December 15

2. September 15 to March 15

You can apply your fee reimbursement to transportation fees:

Once the plan has been set up, your child will be assigned to the bus. As well, if you have school fees that have been credited for programming and other options for this school year that you would like applied to EICS transportation fees, you can request this by contacting the school directly. The school will confirm that all resources have been returned prior to granting the request.

Steps to access fees:

Below, we have included some easy steps that parents can take to access transportation fees and specifically the payment plan.

1. Log onto the EICS PowerSchool Portal at ​

2. In the Navigation toolbar, select “Student Fees”

3. Applicable fees for your child(ren) will show up and the pre-payment plan for Transportation will have two options: Option One which has payments from June until December and Option Two which has payments from September until March

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact EICS transportation at​ or by calling (780) 449-6480. We want to thank you for continued patience and understanding as we move through this together.

Don't forget to check our "Connections Corner" in students' Google Classrooms. Our Connections Team have added Mindful Moments and Regulation tools

OLA Parish Connection

This week, together with OLA school, Father Kris & Father Danial, our school will host a special mass for our four school communities on Wednesday, May 27 at 10 am. Please join us live streamed at:

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Saint John XXIII School Council News

We just wanted to thank our Parent School Council for your donation in supporting half of the cost of the Grade 4 Farewell books, I am Love by Susan Verde. Along with their cross, each grade 4 student will receive a special book commemorating this year. Our Grade 4 Farewell will take place virtually on June 23.

2019-2020 SJXXIII Yearbook: If anyone has photos to add to the yearbook, please send them to

LOOKING AHEAD...A week at a glance

Monday, May 25: Weekly Challenge: What are you reading?

Monday, May 25:

No assembly this week-Daily prayer and announcements will be shared

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Tuesday, May 26:

Remote learning classes continue

Wednesday, May 27: 4-School Mass at 10 am

Remote learning classes continue

Thursday, May 28:

Remote learning classes continue

Friday, May 29: Farewell to our Support Staff

Remote learning classes continue

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